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My Time to Grieve - Sherubanu Peera's My Second Mom's Passing 4/13/2020

Yesterday was a lesson how precious life was. My Mother-in-Law who was a Mother to me left this world painlessly and very quickly yesterday evening. She had been instrumental in teaching me to understand her faith and culture. She spoke Swahili and Kuchee. She knew 3 other dialects from India. She was born in East African in a town called Dar-es-Salaam.

She was also instrumental in the teaching of Indian and East African Cuisine. I understood her language of Swahili and Kuchee so she would mix it up and I knew both. She loved me dearly and was quite fond of me. She loved my singing abilities and I learned the prayers and songs from her faith as well as childrens' rhymes to sing.

Although she felt empty at times in her heart because she lost her husband at late 40s. She was always visiting her 5 children. My husband was the youngest and she stayed with us 16 years as I took her on from her personal concierge...LOL. We laughed and cried and also

we fought but in the end she loved me and I her. We did have different age differences and cultures. Our marriage was doubted to last and it was the grace of God and our crazy determination to be together after many lifetimes to work this out no matter how intense or pleasant the lessons into Oneness became.