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My Re-Introduction and Healing with Goddess Yemaza 6/16/2022

The Goddess worshiped by Santerian (Brazilian) or West African (Yorubian) is Yemaza. She is the Goddess of Surrender and Life. She is the Ocean Mother and birthed 14 Orishas or deities. She is also associated with the Goddess Oshun of Sensuality. She is the Universal Lesson of the Time of Surrender.

In my meditation; I see a Fibonacci shell. I see the swirling pattern of the shell and am swirled as my earthly body is protected by my GroundHog and my Sacred Seraphim protected by Merciful - The Seraphim. I see the waters flowing into the center of this Shell and drawn into the domain where Yemaza is.

There is Archangel (AA) Micheal and Merciful the Seraphim as my Protectors as my Ancestor unhealed appears and tries to stop me and she is placed back into her cage in the waiting station until she feels the light is the answer to her healing. She tries to break free but again the cage is enhanced with light that burns her if she tries to leave her cage and must take the time to be silent and AA Michael tells me not to worry about that domain. It is her work for herself. As I resume my journey to Yemaza….I see her.