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My Re-Introduction and Healing with Goddess Yemaza 6/16/2022

The Goddess worshiped by Santerian (Brazilian) or West African (Yorubian) is Yemaza. She is the Goddess of Surrender and Life. She is the Ocean Mother and birthed 14 Orishas or deities. She is also associated with the Goddess Oshun of Sensuality. She is the Universal Lesson of the Time of Surrender.

In my meditation; I see a Fibonacci shell. I see the swirling pattern of the shell and am swirled as my earthly body is protected by my GroundHog and my Sacred Seraphim protected by Merciful - The Seraphim. I see the waters flowing into the center of this Shell and drawn into the domain where Yemaza is.

There is Archangel (AA) Micheal and Merciful the Seraphim as my Protectors as my Ancestor unhealed appears and tries to stop me and she is placed back into her cage in the waiting station until she feels the light is the answer to her healing. She tries to break free but again the cage is enhanced with light that burns her if she tries to leave her cage and must take the time to be silent and AA Michael tells me not to worry about that domain. It is her work for herself. As I resume my journey to Yemaza….I see her.

She is glistening with aquamarine eyes and sun-kissed skin where she is adorned with glittery crown and a starfish wand. She has a long wide whale tail. Whale is the Symbol of Goddess Mother. She has cast her closely weaved netting to gather all her children where I am birthed inside the navel and there are the phases of the moon on her lower abdomen. She births me and all and gathers us to her. She glistens and lovingly holds you as her netting bundles me and every one of us. She has birthed all life and we are part of the Divine Plan. The ocean waters warm us as if the same temperature as her Holy Womb has held us ready to be birthed. The oceans are the water and symbol of life and emotions we must release any toxins of but we are new to this realm. She holds you & I close to her breast as you drink her bluish milk. She speaks of the Ancestors and I see silhouettes of them in the distance. She tells me not to worry about them as the ones of Pure Light will assist us all in my and others healing of their own Ancestors of Light.

I see Mother Isis with her wings spreading is the Mother of Alchemy and treading in the water around Yemaza. Kuan Yin the Queen of Compassion is there as well and the bluish milk is the food of compassion. Yemaza tells me to look up at the sky and there is the Moon (symbol of the Feminine) in Full phase and clouds and mist of sparkling stars surround Mother Moon like an eye. Yemaza says that the Moon is the view of all Universes to invite all life in peace, harmony and compassion to assist each other healing ourselves, each other and the planet we dwell in. That fear no more and try to understand and accept each other. I cry because she says she understands how much I wish myself to be healed, my loved ones and family and other families and all living things. She tells me not to worry and give all this to her and she will work with all in each one’s own capacity without judgment.

I swirl water in the shape of a heart around her with sparkling Moon-dust. She is happy to feel the Moon’s energy in the water from the Sky. She loves this experience as my gift to her in appreciation for her lessons and all the Goddesses, Power Animals and Symbols of Healing received. I return back with my Sacred body and share this self journey with you. Namaste. Peace to you and Surrender into the Light and Divinity you are.


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