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Nature's Lesson 2004

In this journey I was gifted a parrot blue gold feather (from a real life Pagan Witch for power of communication) and flowers today from my Beloved. I took a pillow and sat on the deck. Chrysalis let me know that baby snakes were roaming today and not to sit on the ground as they my interpret a threat and bite me. I have a neighbor who has a lot of woods adjacent to our back yard and so much wildlife passes through. I am told my house is a vortex and ley lines (fairy lines) are definitely there.

My Mother Goddess - Isis appears to me flowing in soft pink gown with golden headdress. She is telling me to grow in my sacred body after grounding and protection. I became bigger than her and I worried from disrespect and fear of this but she became a Motherly size to encourage me that my growth is not higher or lower and all are moving towards the light and to shine. She will be narrating and telling a story to me and all.

She tells me I am a Lotus Flower that resembled the Universe. She continues to teach me: "See the winds blowing the leaves. You think the trees have released but the leaves have gained freedom to dance and experience another environment." The leaves descending off of their own tree show swirly dances of death with promise of rebirth to me. "You see this is all planned. You think when you separate; you are alone but you are not because like the leaves on the ground are joining Mother Earth." The Wind Spirits caress them to befriend the waters to experience this environment but when you clear the leaves; they end up on the Earth anyway. The place where we all come from is Mother Earth. It is the Oneness we seek in our movement of growth.

The Fairies (Faeries) surround me as I am now transformed into a Lotus and feel my stalk and leaves. This is my Spirit name changed from ButterflyChild into Golden Lotus (1000 petaled lotus from other blogs). The 5 senses are discussed and the stamen or pistals are the feelers like antennae. I feel circular movement of fluid within and like small canals or rivers of fluid inside my stems. The petals are like the leaves to open to all and send our energy out like aroma in waves of pleasant smells. Vibration is hearing as I observe the wind takes my flower top off and separates from the stem. Isis says, "The imbalance of the Earth is like what has happened to you (chaos losing your head). You seek balance but you are certain and have faith good things are coming so you are not bothered."

The Lesson:

The Goddess Coatlique of Grief is present of this 'separation'' and necessary and natural but being with ones we love and familiar are important and not going out and trying to connect to those unfamiliar is not beneficial at the present. You have the concept of separateness during grief but you are always loved and feel the love and it comes in a liquid heart chakra green sweet fluid to mend me as the Lotus and attach the flower head back to the stem. "You see, Isis says, Love keeps us in harmony and peace. Peace cannot happen when our heads/minds and bodies are not aligned. If balance happens then our Spirit can soar."

I then in wholeness sway and dance with the wind and the fairies (faeries) as well. I see elves circling around me as the Lotus Flower and they hold hands and are happy together exemplifying the lesson Isis is teaching us. I observes a bug like leave flying and ask why it is flying erracticly? It replies, "It is because the leaves are coming off the trees are confusing me." It thinks these are green leaf bugs like itself and follows. The lesson is re-emphasized: "Do not be deceived by majority in chaos and what the trend is so the bug seeks truth and those like itself as it flies away understanding the lesson."

My Tree Sister - Chrysalis has a squirrel traveling her to other ranches of other trees beside her to remind me to be prepared for changes (squirrel medicine) coming again and again as it leaps from one tree limb to another taking notice that Chrysalis is surrounded by love by other tree branches reaching out to her and sending loving healing. Trees have a unique system in the underground that communicates and sends information to support each other.

I open my eyes and Spirit tells me that Mother Earth needs Love. I descend into Mother Earth near the core and send down pink flowers to Her. She takes shape as a woman like Kuan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) and is crying. She needs comfort. I tell her to lay her head in my lap as I hold her and "Mother" Her and say: "I love Her and to be there and when she needs me during this phase of imbalance she is going through." She lifts her head to wipe the tears from Her eyes and we look at each other. We kiss like a Mother to daughter in reversed roles and she melds back into Her Earthly form. I leave and sing song "Listen to Your Heart" over and over again by Celine Dion. The Fairies gift me (these healers of the plants and animals of the earth and leaf is gifted to me and the wind starts to carry it away. I retrieve the Fairy leaf. It is placed on my Mesa (Power table) and am happy saying "Namaste" to all and my helpers today and great Spirit, Mother Earth, Chrysalis and the Goddess embodiments & especially the trees and animal animating the lesson today.

Thank you so much. Photo by Nando Periera


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