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Oneness channeled by White Buffalo Women by Blue Thunder

3/13/19 Oneness channeling the White Buffalo Woman by Blue Thunder

It was an honor have you all breath like an ocean wave and grounding yourselves like tree deeply rooted and connected to Mother Earth the Nurturer, Teacher and Healer. We come from dust and we will return to dust so we are never separated or not new to Mother Earth. Your Earthly body is grounded and I called in the Primordial Tribes and your Wise Ones and Ancient Ones. It was time to revisit your Sacred Self.

As you were grounded and protected in your Earthly body; your Sacred body journeyed to the Plains where the buffalo roam. There were none in sight the the plains were surrounded by Forest Trees. The White Buffalo Woman is the Teacher and Divine One known to all Native Tribes for her lessons of Purity, Abundance and Oneness. She has the capability of turning into a White Buffalo and Divine Maiden. You saw at a distance a great white beast. A white buffalo so huge and vast. It was walking towards you. It's eye only focused on you as this journey was for you. You were in awe of the powerful legs and how the body of this Divine Creature moved steadily towards you. It stopped in front of you and her eyes never left yours. She was nothing to fear and was not made to harm you. She was your teacher. On her back was a saddle for you to climb on. She patiently waited with so much love in her eyes. She was a gentle giant with heart. You mounted her saddle and rode to the edge of the plains to a holy field. It was the sacred burial grounds of your Ancestors and Wise Ones...your Great Ones. The White Buffalo allowed you to dismount and see this sacred site. She bowed to honor them and you bowed as well. As the White Buffalo stood up; she became a Beautiful Maiden dress in white leather and white moccasins. She told you to look at your feet and body and you had the same white leather clothing she had. Your feet covered in white moccasins. She said, "This is a gift for your journey back to Sacred Self." She led to you the start of a trail. She told you that is was the trail leading you back to your Primordial Tribe, Ancient Ones and Wise Ones. The White Buffalo Woman gave you a pouch and in it were copal, white sage and sweet grass to gift your Primordial Tribe, Ancient Ones and Wise Ones. She instructed you to gather along the trail herbs and offerings to them for your journey. As you walked on the trail; you noticed it was early morning and the sun shines between the trees and your breath you could see. You realized that the White Buffalo and White Buffalo Woman didn't have any breath seen and it confirmed this was a Divine Being and positive sign. Your heart became like the feeling of being Home again. Almost at the end of the trail, you heard voices of different languages and smelled smoke from a fire. The tribes of the North, South, East and West were all here globally. The Elder from your Primordial Tribe greeted you and their eyes were filled with love for you. The Ancients and Wise Ones in attendance. The fire was so large and vast because each flame was from each of you forming it. There would be 3 stages of healing with the fire. First, White - Purity and Release, second, Red for the Passion of your Life that gives you Bliss in your heart and Pure Joy and Third - Blue for Truth and standing in it. The Primordial Tribe elder asked you to sit in the fire and it would not burn you or harm you. You, your clothing and moccasins were untouched. The fire was white and you released all doubts, fears and illusions of not being good enough, people, places and things and the past. The past were the harsh lessons were understood to spend time to readapt to the divine path. You breathed in this fire and released and saw it all turn to ash around you. The second stage; the flame was red. You recalled what you did or was that gave you much bliss and love of doing and being in your passion and you breathed that in as the red flamed surrounded you. The last stage of the fire healer was blue. This was the symbols of truth. Standing in your truth and understanding that being the Truth is not perfection but accepting your imperfection and being clear and certain and loving and accepting yourself. Truth leads to ONENESS. When you are one with yourself; you can be One with others. It was time you gave thanks and had gratitude for this healing and being in your TRUTH and the offerings you gathered were gifted to your Primordial Tribe, Ancient and Wise Ones. Then you took the truth you are back into your earthly body. Stand in your truth and let no one tell you who you are. You are a Warrior. Thank you and please love yourselves so you can be at peace and be in ONENESS. Ground yourself and welcome back moving your body and fingers and toes. Thank you for being here and Namaste, Peace to you.


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