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Parallel Universes Only a Theory

During my life journey; through Shamanism and the psychic school studies, we are taught that the possibilities of other dimensions are possible mostly 3 dimensions - Upperworld - Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors of Healed Light, Celestial beings, Childhood Pure Light playmates and Middle world - Fearies, elves, gnomes, leprachauns, devas, sprites, etc and Lowerworld/Underworld - where there are ways of meeting yourself in your shadow times of darkness and healing with the help of Pure Light helpers that escort those past their old dead selves metaphorically in my own perspective and experience is unique to me and your vision of what these dimensions may be altered as well. That there are other Universes undiscovered to some. Sometimes, dimensions within dimensions occur within layers of some earthly plants, trees, and shapeshifting into an animal to experience the levels of contraction and expansion of our bodies in different sizes shapes and forms temporarily to learn and understand what dwells here or in the 3 dimensions mentioned above.

We have ventured into past lives backwards but what if you are psychically seeing forward? Have you ever been in a state of life where you had the time to meditate or be lucid dreaming to find it is you inside another body existing and carrying on in another Universe? In my belief over the years; I usually keep to myself…I feel that we are muli-dimenionsional beings but it is from a short period of backward this lifetime or forward in this lifetime. I believe we are multiple beings existing in other universes and we serve different roles and purposes. We just don’t usually meet at the same time to focus on what is needed in that dimension or period. Sometimes we feel this when people talk of being in a coma or on strong medications and don’t understand what they are experiencing. Do not feel you are alone and choose peaceful calming resolve instead of anxiety.

If we can see forward in the future this lifetime? Why cannot we explore what we can see forward as a possibility of existing in another universe and body and role there? Are we being limited in what our possibility of existence is only on one plane and planet or Universe? This is farfetched but I believe I have been revealed we do exist as multi dimensional and different roles in other dimensions and times and why not other Universes. Sometimes, our mind wants to say ‘no…not possible’ and yet we are comfortable sitting and seeing in our present life our past and future safely coping in a one dimensional plane of thought. We are all evolved beings. Maybe I am crazy but I do feel at times

when I meditate that I see myself in the future or is it the present in another world? There is a blog of Shamanism where I am shown as a different person in modern technology utilizing the 5 senses healing in another world where there are no problems, crisis but only called "situations."

It is a possibility that people cannot conceive because we are stuck so much in this body and mind and think that is all we are and what we do in our one dimension on earth. Could this be our Ego? Wouldn’t it be amazing to understand that we do different roles in different lives on different planets and Universes? That we aren’t missing out and then relax and feel accomplished in our present life or lives because we are doing multiple things at the same time in other places?

Some folks who are not understanding how evolved or gifted they are may take hallucinogens or weed to brush away their revelations and be so disturbed to be comforted or to reveal this information that they do not understand that becomes confirmed again in an altered state in more vivid detail. Some take these to avoid how powerful they are and to find the answers and research they need to understand themselves and the unlimited possibilities of our existence.

Well, what do I know? I just know on some meditations as mentioned for myself above that what I see myself as a different person with advanced technology uses and the usages of alternative healing combined with this technology is a healing tool combination. That at some point; we must accept what we can do, find the answers and not down talk others or ourselves about the outer exploration of our being instead of avoiding and making ourselves believe that what we experience is to be ignored or am I a freak or weird or crazy. Get over this concept and research on your own to understand your potential and meditate more and journal and learn and grow. We have to learn to be comfortable with unlimited creative beings that we all are.

We aren’t as powerless and less purposeful to the next person in this Universe. Everyone is evolved but you can’t see it hiding in the dark and feeling strange and fearing your potentials. You see more when you are open and searching and learning and asking Spirit to guide you to truth. To be more accepting of our multidimensional being and to evolve and love what and where and who are in Pure Light in Purposeful Potentials of Being.

Well, that’s all my thoughts. I don’t know much but just a theory I can just feel more comfortable sharing with you since some folks are seeing more in hallucinogenic states that may be some answer if it seems to give you the same information, vision or message or images instead of being anxious to their potentials that we journal and grow from and be comforted in our unlimited states of being. Much love in your discoveries and journeys.

Don’t take my word for it but if you feel confused and see yourself in a different place, space, time and body; perhaps that maybe what it is or a future life. It is all an unlimited theory of potential. I am not an expert but an experiencer of some things others do not understand and am still learning. Hoping to move forward with you in truth, light and expansion of being in compassionate Pure Light. Namaste.

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