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Passion Re-Directed on a Soul Level

April 5, 2019 Blue Thunder Passion: When we are passionate about someone or something in our minds; we must look at whether it is inclusive or are we open to the passion coming from another point of view and still meet the end means of the same goal in getting the idea or inner creative to work from our heart instead of too much in the mind can give us so much Unity. First, we must be honest and put it out there and be vulnerable and it is not a weakness. You are not weak being true in all aspects of pleasant and unpleasant parts of self. You learn to grow with exploration and honesty and with the support of those and each other in each one's journey to be free of limitation and free of any darkness that surfaces. It blesses us to be FREE of anything we think others may not like of ourselves and when true support is there; we evolve. Work to be non judgmental in PASSION with TRUTH. LOVE YOURSELF enough to know that nothing is permanent and when people fall away...they are re-directed and so are you on your path. Much love.


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