Past Life Regression II - 3/12/2004

My 2nd past life regression was done working with the Lakota Medicine Woman again. It was to gain details of the lives I have had as a small spectrum of soul progression.

I went out of my body to the cosmos where I saw star-beings and their campfires. The campfires are past lives to visit and give me brief information about my soul's journey. I breathed in the Fire of the Divine and I was grounded and protected. I came to a past life as a Native American man named "Natankse (Hawk) as this was revealed with a separate session with the North Shaman Teacher discovering my 4 direction power animals.

I was a healer and mourning the death of my wife named 'Dove" from another tribe. I say: "My wife is dead." I am 38 years old and married her to create peace amongst the tribes but it didn't work as she was killed in battles between tribes. After the battle ended, I am talking to the Elders at night and saying "I am no healer." I tear off my totems and throw them to the ground and decide to leave the tribe and isolate myself. The Elders are calling my name and say: "Don't do this Why do you do this?" I just leave and wander into enemy territory. They know I am from an enemy tribe and an arrow hits me from the back and then a hatchet. Others join in the attack upon me. I die looking at my body and say I did not finish my path and must come back to do my work. This is the reason why at 38 in this life time as a woman; I start to study Shamanism.

Another cosmic campfire calls to me in the sky. My other past life; I am a woman in the old Ireland and have fair skin and red hair. I am 24 years old and am on a platform with bare feet and frock. I look at the crowd yelling at me. I am extremely calm and they don't listen to me because I practice the Old Religion before the Church. I see a monk in front of me expressionless a I am being burned at the stake. I feel sorry for them because they are not spiritual for doing this act. I was a healer of ointments and tinctures from the Pagan belief and story-told to children the fairies, elves, etc. and baked cookies. The crowd chosen from the Church to justify this act do not know me from the outskirts of town and are threatened to testify against me or burn at the stake instead. I am calm and slowly suffer but die screaming as the flames increase and engulf me because of my belief of the Goddess as I am declared a Witch from them as a demonic condemnation.

There is another campfire in the sky again and float to that to experience another past life. I am a young boy in Old England. One of my real life brother's is my friend and stocky and chubby this life time. I am studying to be a knight as my father (who is the present One) wishes because it is safe because my father is a powerful Magician (dressed like Merlin - Sorcerer) and I know what to do from his teachings. He fears for me and I tell my friend that I am studying to be a knight. He is angry inside and feels I do not deserve knighthood because practicing magic is not being pure of heart for a knight's code of honor to follow. He feels strongly that magic is my journey instead. I am walking home from training as a knight down a long road and he is riding behind me in a red cloak and takes a sword and I look up and he stops and beheads me. I fall decapitated & dead and he cries for what he has done but it cannot be undone. It is his choice and perhaps one of the many plans how to die is my understanding. I am calm looking at him as he cries and feel no anger to him or anyone as my soul observes my headless body.

At this point, a Star Woman is illuminating cosmic transparency with form and comes to me and says: "You have prayed for resolution and that you are receiving. It is going to be okay now with the extensive training and just stand in the Light." I gift her a crystal. She is saying other positive things to me but am already leaving her about progression but think it is covering the journeys within journeys in the campfires of the stars about past releases, transformation and mentally not blocking those that can help or thought that can be positive.

I think I will visit again later the Star Woman in gratitude and expand on her message with an apology. This is the end of this 2nd past life regression with bits of valuable information.

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