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Past Life Regression III - 5/1/2003

Past Life Regression III 5/1/2003

There is so much to learn on this life journey and from past life journeys to my own evolvement with Spirit. I cannot cover in one blog nor in one journey given the earthly time frame and earthly role and duties I have to fulfill. Here is a continuation of parts of my past life as an Ancient Soul.

I traveled to Atlantis and saw pyramids like ships, people were floating and were not human and became human to experience earthly experiences. As the Crystal Keeper of the Water Assistant and I witnessed advanced levels where giants and I were assigned servant or assistant duties. The Crystal Keeper of Water trusted me so I wanted to become as powerful as the Crystal Keepers who controlled the Elements. My Crystal Keeper controlled the rain and waters. My lover, now husband in present life was named Jay Sun and is on a boat calling me and leaving because the flooding is about to occur and I do not join him as I feel a responsibility to stay until the end. He is my lover. I walk upstairs into a paradise garden where the pyramids are seen and lots of greenery like a forest with fresh rain and large statues of gold and metal are there. The giants wear lots of gold like warrior type women. There are libraries and information about floating things that are large without hard labor. The pyramids were like spacecraft and like a ship that the captains lived on, like the pyramids. Lots of secrets and information in the pyramids. Jay Sun feels like the husband he is always reaching out to me because he feels abandoned. I gained the trust of the Crystal Keeper and knew when she wasn't present and learned by observing her work with the Crystal. I wanted that power too and the Wise Ones (one fell in love with me and influenced the other Wise One) went on the dark side and it was harmless but it was wny Atlantis disappeared because of flooding and people were screaming and dying. My son in this li