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Past Life Regression - What are You Seeking?


Sometimes, in life we meet someone unexplainable anger, love or like an energy ball went 'bang' in your heart or gut. You don't know why but you felt it. You try to ignore it but it is there to resolve or let go. What triggered it? Maybe a smell, a sound, a person who looked like the past life encounter, was it an emotion or a place? These are the triggers.

Past Life Regression is seeking your soul expansion or growth. Is it a relationship that is not quite getting over some pattern of behavior. Is it a pattern of behavior that is with yourself on your path to fulfillment? What places have you encountered in your travels that felt so strong? You know this place, comfortable with the environment the language and the manner of dress and customs and don't know why? Well, welcome to past life cellular memories. Sometimes, it is an issue with health that something happened in your past life and you passed and you retained it in a part of the body and in your cells and mind. It is something that is not genetic but needs releasing or understanding and coping as to when this occurred so you can slowly take steps in your health - mind, body and spirit to let go. It is a process.

Sometimes, in past life a person may not like another because of a vendetta or misunderstanding that you did them wrong when it wasn't in your hands to make the decision and nothing to do with your influence but alas. Another is unresolved love or lust issues and also another maybe getting over cyclical roles of subservience or idealistic superiority that need resolve. Another may be a person or persons wanted you to agree to make good on a situation but alas you cannot control how a situation can be made good if there are patterns retained of the other person affecting the spouse or partner for example. You can do the work but if the other person doesn't believe in past life or wants to work with you; you cannot affect the outcome nor own it as the healer. You can only present it to both or one of them and see how they go from there. Sometimes, both are so closed up in the old systems of blocking possibilities because they are obeying the cultural, religious or societal or laws that are so archaic but they want to be the good ones and still suffer in misery to change the possibility by changing themselves first to allow that process to occur. It is best to have a picture of you and if a relationship of the other, name, city and type of relationship - work, love, friend, etc. This will help me ask them permission if their belief systems and Spirit are a go. I will proceed as best I can.

Remember the past life regressor is not responsible for an outcome but can retrieve and describe maybe the setting of your work or place, your gender, your role, maybe your occupation or unfortunate circumstance that caused a mental or health issue. Sometimes, revealing a simple barrier to the open doorway to peace and moving on is only thing needed. At any rate you must have clear intention why, what for, is it growth or relationship and do I have your permission. Then we go from there. If Spirit wants me to work with you; I will proceed or I will be told what needs to be done to prepare for it later. Or simply not now.

Much love and hope all is well in this earthly realm with you. Cutting unhealthy ties and patterns helps.


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