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Path of Light comes from Basic Maintained Needs

Wow. When someone tells you that all the work you are doing and recognized for that you do not deserve it...Look around and see how you may view that as celebratory or divisional to another human being. When we think and say things like this; this is not a way to harmony. As I believe, when we have all the basic needs of life for everyone fulfilled and maintained and honor everyone and every living being together and not think I am only one to do this is ridiculous thinking that you are alone and have to do it yourself for all of us to be whole; then we are mistaken what oneness and harmony is. When we function like we are the superhero for a community sacrificing our quality of life; we have lost our way to understand we do things together and heal together and move and evolve together. It's after this and behaving this way and not shaming others or putting them down that that small test of harmony and altruism makes a difference then. It is then we can elevate from there on the path we were meant to be. Some sacrifices are made until we understand the basic needs is a right to all and that when we got that down; we will expand and elevate as a whole and individually on our path of light. This is part of a conversation I had with my Beloved with someone named Quante we invited today to our center. Once we got everyones' basic needs answered, maintained and we can get on our path of light individually and together in harmony.


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