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People Move Over for Growth in Death 5/25/21


Dear Ones;

We have lost someone in our lives that touched us or triggered us. When they die; there is more room to resolve issues with those on earth if they understand this. The resolution doesn’t come from accusations or drama but a willingness to have the mindset to peacefully resolve. To allow each other to express unspoken things that normally the deceased would not allow or prevent by their presence or inability to handle the truth and didn’t have the knowledge what to do with it to heal because they were unhealed. Their blockage or trauma caused others unable to upset the deceased when living was honored or allowed to prevent conflict or the uncomfortable to be revealed to heal instead it was seen as an enemy or aid to stay in the state of stagnant pain.

When my Mother died there were things that couldn’t be said to heal between me and her. I tried to talk to her privately on certain topics. I needed closure but just because you want closure doesn’t mean the other is capable of it. People are people, they come flawed and then they go through life that hinders them or strengthens them. How impactful the experiences are determine how we soak these in and are affected by them to move forward head on or avoiding these moments unable to speak or see for healing all around.

It was a painful revelation of dealing with compassion and then wanting healing. It was like a seesaw of emotions during grief. It was painful then enlightening and then variants of the intensity of emotions.

People were brought together to see who was willing to at least come together for the funeral. Those that didn’t had their personal reasons and withdrew. We must honor both in their decisions after trying to bring those together the opportunity to come together. If the choice is not to; then honor it. In time; their issues will have to be dealt with and prevent the healing then hopefully they will be comforted that death is not eternal nor is life.

Those that come together through pain will reveal some issues that need personal healing and then sometimes the healing doesn’t come without the vibrations and ups and downs of grief. We will say and do things to function but not really be present in our lives during this process. We will not understand what is being said to each other and make mistakes from the veil of grief not allowing us to see ourselves. You must then give each other space and not engage as much but still show love and support for each other and prayers for resolution.

There were things that were also being done if she had not died. The difficult communications between family members that needed to be said. What we did or responded was part of the transformation. Sometimes, we pulled away for processing but in anger or shock or refusal that some things we were thinking of each other and saw were unsaid and some were skewed.

For me I was able to focus on compassion for the loss of a wife to my Dad. He is a difficult person to be with...we lived with him. He is still a difficult person as he has strong opinions and ways and forgets that everyone is evolving and growing their own way. Sometimes, he would lash out and I would pull away. Keeping focused on the higher self to be patient, to give space and then to give myself space. At times, he is very obstinate and bombastic. He doesn’t want to listen but sees in his view. At his age; who can change that? He can only change himself. I then had my own grief to deal with and would do that.

My way of healing is clearing the slate whether emotional, financial, physical or mental. It’s just a way of moving the ‘debris’ that doesn’t equate forward movement. I would work on myself and with my Mother in meditations. I would pray for all of the family and their healing.

So now some relatives that had issues with him moved past their grief to assist in creating a life easier for him and assuring him and caring for his needs. We all contributed to that but again grief and his bombastic nature makes it hard but teaches us that we have our own grief and lives and take care of ourselves. I am proud of my relatives for moving past their grief the times they took the higher self and did the service only God appreciates and sees, hears and values you.

So remember, be gentle to yourself, take care of your temple of flesh, take care of your mind and connect to nature. Nature is the teacher as my Dad said but sometimes his way is not always the way. He learned from Indians from the Reservations from Tribes not part of his lineage and sometimes oppression in the ancestors of the Native’s can transfer that karma of others in their teachings of healing. I hear it sometimes from my Dad of the fear, repression and try not to follow his advice when that comes through as he is unaware. Even if we get gifts from our ancestors the karma is there to expand that same energy or move past it whether blood or not. Try to question; where this is coming from. Everyone is of value and try to take the advise of the Indians who have moved past the oppressive nature of their ancestors who teach us whether in Africa, Americas, Canada, Asian or anywhere worldwide. I wish you well in learning this wisdom to assist you in discernment of teachings from healers, your elders or family. Peace and discernment and positive action. Soak only in the rays of truth and inspiration.


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