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People Move Over for Growth in Death 5/25/21


Dear Ones;

We have lost someone in our lives that touched us or triggered us. When they die; there is more room to resolve issues with those on earth if they understand this. The resolution doesn’t come from accusations or drama but a willingness to have the mindset to peacefully resolve. To allow each other to express unspoken things that normally the deceased would not allow or prevent by their presence or inability to handle the truth and didn’t have the knowledge what to do with it to heal because they were unhealed. Their blockage or trauma caused others unable to upset the deceased when living was honored or allowed to prevent conflict or the uncomfortable to be revealed to heal instead it was seen as an enemy or aid to stay in the state of stagnant pain.

When my Mother died there were things that couldn’t be said to heal between me and her. I tried to talk to her privately on certain topics. I needed closure but just because you want closure doesn’t mean the other is capable of it. People are people, they come flawed and then they go through life that hinders them or strengthens them. How impactful the experiences are determine how we soak these in and are affected by them to move forward head on or avoiding these moments unable to speak or see for healing all around.