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Personal Journey about Boundaries inspired by my Tree Sister - Chrysalis 2003

My Sister Tree - Chrysalis saw that I was stressed and very busy today. She wanted me to bring the red tail hawk feather for the journey gifted to me by my North Shaman Teacher. I checked the earth that I buried the female cardinal before the last Goddess Gathering I held at my home to get me familiar and comfortable with the Feminine Divine work. The earth was opened up where I buried this cardinal and instructed to take a towel and sit on top of the mound. The cardinal is the spiritual energy so the female cardinal is the female spiritual energy.

This is where I access in my sacred body in the Middle World after I prayed for All guides and Guardians and grounding. She tried to have me meditate for awhile since I was a little tired. I transformed into an owl and Chrysalis into a green forest folk. I saw her pointed little ears and how tiny she was and she was riding on me as the owl!

I was in a golden sky and then into a forest. I flew into a huge spider's web and she said, "You must learn boundaries and when you run into things sometimes you have to tear with your beak; your way out!" Then I ate the spider (symbol of wisdom).

Then I flew and a hawk was after me and I was flying and weaving in the trees. Chrysalis told me where to go and encouraged me to move and go in between branches since I was small enough and dived because the hawk was gaining speed and accidentally hurt myself but not seriously and my owl feathers flew. Another lesson in boundaries, sometimes we get hurt but we have to get going. Then Chrysalis fell off of me to test me. She said, "Do you think you should try to outfly the hawk or come back and get me?" I escaped the hawk and backtracked and retrieved and saved my Beloved Tree Sister Chrysalis as the green forest folk-- a wee one. She said, "Sometimes you must risk taking care of others you love and you risk getting caught."

Anyway, I rescued my dear Sister Tree and then there was a hunter. Chrysalis warned me to move behind a tree quickly as he shot his gun to me. She was skimmed by a bullet. I asked, Are you hurt and she nodded confirmation. I asked, "Are you bleeding?" She said, "No, I am dying and don't have much left (let me clarify why she said this...she is a tree dying slowly from a lightening bolt that knocked off the top of the tree she is and doesn't have much fluids/sap left) but she was singed a little and smelled the gunpowder.

I guess you have to 'dodge the bullet' sometimes with boundaries I thought. Then she instructed me to fly quickly and there Mother Earth opened up her womb into a cave to keep me safe. It was night time and I made hooting sounds like an owl. To my amazement; there were many bats and a moth on a wall.

Chrysalis said, "Don't be frightened by the numbers or appearances of those who try to cross your boundaries because with God & Goddess/Light allowed me to work with you and you can overcome anything." What you thought was frightening can be what the other side is thinking is what I understood.

After the realization from Chrysalis; I noticed the moth and Chrysalis continued to teach me "The Moth is like sometimes what you have to be sitting quietly (attracted to the light) and observing what is around you to know what you are getting into." The bats (teacher of viewing life from a different perspective medicine) respond to me by some type of cooing and swam chaotically around the cave. Chrysalis says, "Don't join others in their chaos and don't get caught up in it. Be like the moth a quiet observer drawn only to the Light."

Time has passed and daylight was upon us and left the cave and it was midmorning and she said, "Fly up to the Light above the trees." I flew above the trees and saw Father Sun. He had a face and smiled and heard and saw the Sky Gods chanting for rain. They were Arizonan Kachina Sky Gods so familiar to me when I was in Arizona as a kid that included that teaching in our study of the Natives in our State. Then I came back to where I was and dropped into the Tree Sister (Chrysalis) tree form on earth and she transformed from a tiny green forest folk to a wooden girl and then put her hands together in a gentle nod and said, "Namaste!" I was graced today.

I hope you enjoyed this storytelling with my shamanic journey with lessons from pure light. Peace and gentle awakenings to you all.


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