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Personal Power of Heaven and Earth Oneness Journey 7/9/2004

The purpose of the journey is to establish Heaven and Earth. I visited Mt. Olympus as a Dove where Zeus was. He told me to do this work you need only Love - and gifted a stone of the rose quartz heart shaped stone. He then stomps on me (only my sacred spirit body) to return me to my body for Heaven's Answer.

Then I journey to the Underworld (where Shadow work is done). In my Shadow work; my Underworld is a dormant volcano accessed through a field into a castle dungeon stone wall into the Underworld where the River Styx is and the cloaked robed Keeper I call him fondly "Skullman" and see Lord Ayahuasca who is cloaked in velvet red cape and is a skeleton who helps people journey who have ingested the ayahuasca plant to discover their darkest fears and shadow work to address but in my work; I do not take any. At other times I shape-shift into my spirit form or utilize both that and my power animal through the top of this dormant volcano over time. Other people may have their own unique Underworld to do their healing work.

As I approach Lord Ayahuasca with respect and I gift him the rose quartz heart the symbol of Love and go to the Skullman and gift him Love with a duplicate stone as well of Love. His eyes turn into rose quartz that is heart shaped. I sail across the River Styx that he guards and crosses over the dead to their final destination. It is time for me to go and up a dungeon wall I go and into a field and see the Goddess Kali (She addresses your fears.) on a hill then dark knights appear.

The Goddess Kali tells me to send Love to them because this is my creation (fear) and can change it and I clearly make an intention to spread Love. The light of rose quartz energy covers the dark knights and as they ride up to the Heavens transformed into White Knights towards the Sun and enter a void of the White Light with their horses to The Great One because we all learned we are all One in the Light.

It is truly a blessing to assist in my healing, Heaven and Earth Helpers and be in the Light. Love conquers all fears, doubts and darkness. Be comforted with this choice of your heart and mind to adhere to what your soul already knows. Peace and Love to you.


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