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Pitty Party Train Needs to Stop!

Please pray for the toxins in those afflicted mentally be removed. Send loving light prayers to assist those who feel so alone and think they need someone else in their lives but fail to see that love must start inside before you have a relationship with someone place the responsibility of another for your happiness and healing only brings chaos and resentment,inner struggle because the divinity is ignored inside of you that you are the positive possibility of self. Realizing this will have you understand that you choose to be well, you choose and are responsible for creating your inner peace and inner love. No one can be there or do it for choose...this is the divine plan. Forgive yourself for holding onto negative and toxic experiences to try to destroy your Spirit and allow the Light of Pure Love bathe you, carry you, guide you back to your own Divinity. Anyone striking out is a sign of lack of joy in heart, lack of joy in mind and peace in the mind. I feel sad for you but the Pitty Party Train Trip has got to stop. Choose life with Love of God/Goddess inside. Be brave to walk this line towards a clear path and return to the divine self. Let the light expand and hold you. Peace to one example this past weekend. Much love; choose no resentment. Much peace; choose no anger. Peace.


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