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Prayer for Unity, Understanding and Non Judgment and Non Attachment

I hold a light in my heart that’s lights the candle of the world in healing and trusting the sacred contracts of those passed on who need no candle to find their way home but the support of our love to give strength in the journeys back home. Be unattached at this time but compassion is the difficulty of heart earth lessons with light heart wisdom is ongoing. Be love as your Soul knows no borders, no walls, no division but only faith that connection is always the invisible thread to our Creator. Comfort be your friend and unity be our intent in wellness in this Unifying lesson of the time. As I said we cannot use ppl as bandaids to our wholeness as it is a deeper journey within as a bandaids purpose is to help support your inner healing as it comes off to do what’s so possible and natural to your body to do with common sense and light wisdom. This is a gift of undoing all unfair unequal systems and opportunities to form a new world in unison for all allowing nature to heal for as long as it takes. We are all one in journey but the time and way had no deadline as we were born different times, dates and places and our true self is being revealed and hopefully healed. Be forgiving in this process of yourself and others during the unwrapping of you in Truth and Acceptance. Love you so much as breath and patience without judgment is so important now.


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