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Prayer of Peace for Ukraine and All

Prayers for Peace. That Archangel Michael and Metatron work on removing the negatives that separate us, that make us war like and aggressors of those who want their own independence and would die for it. It's a message that expanding your boundaries doesn't mean taking over and take mutual discussions in peace that allow us to live in peace and a quality life. It's also a choice understanding we all need our own space and right to live as long as we are not harming another or each other. Human race needs to turn to compassion. Other beings are watching this dire need to trust we can be peaceful, loving, understanding, take the time to learn and accept and allow the choice to change to peace and live in harmony. We must do better. The Pope has asked fasting and prayer for Ukraine and also for the aggressor to turn their focus towards peace and the right to live in our own space...freedom, respect and harmony. Prayers we can do this. Think of the children and families affected on both sides the civilians and soldiers need to seek compassion, resolve and peace. Donated to the Ukraine Crisis for helping families especially the children thrive. Blessings of those who show and act with compassion...we need this badly now.


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