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Prayer of Purpose and Intention

Peace to you this happy Sunday. Remain well and blessed.

Anyway, I hope you guys schedule different activities for yourself each day and remember to clean up and dress like you are no other but a divine being on this earth with pride to be part of being here to witness compassional growth on a global level. I honor your Divinity and your High Vibration as you have been gifted this life and gifted the Earth whatever kindness you can provide without judgment or belittlement of each other. Rise up and be part of the High Vibrational energy you are in your Temple of Flesh...exercise, eat well, intending well, speaking well, praying more and staying well for the purpose of Light has no definite plan as to timing or measurement but only of your hearts connected to the Source of Light you are never separated from.

Much love and appreciate and listen to the stillness of nature and reconnect to all the bounty of beauty before you now and forever. Amen


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