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Prayer of Universal Compassion for Humanity

Dear Beloveds;

I was asked to join others to pray in order to inspire resolution and the dismantling of old systems or ancestral programming to gain equality, justice, unity, harmony and love for all during this time of protests. Here is my prayer and hopefully it will aid in our perspective of all of us globally taking action in healing and being whole for humanity:

Prayers that the dismantling continue of old systems thoroughly be removed that lead to the Universal Lesson of Compassion that leads to equality, justice, harmony, love and unity and acceptance all life and all Black Lives Matter on this Earth are our responsibility. To release ancestral programming universally and within each and everyone of us to treat each other as humanity. One world, one tribe, one divination of light. We are beacons of light and let it shine. We do not force or provoke or judge all people because some have been led by darkness, trained by ignorance and ancestral programming, educated with an agenda that separates us even from childhood. It is all our responsibility to pray and not blame but come into full dialogue to gain understanding and peace. No more will there be a cooperation of victimhood, no more modern day slavery, no more less or none for some. We must agree to be the best self forward. We a Pivotal Potentials of Light with Compassion. We are more powerful learning to connect with people who can make laws, who register to vote and do the census & who do not want the roles of inequality made for revenge but for equality for all because we are higher vibrations and better then revenge, we are better then bitterness and we are better as a healed and equal loving world. Please pray and seek the leaders who want equality and not revenge. That releases of ugly truths be not ignored but learned from never to vow to dismantle a race, gender, sexual orientation or religious/spiritual or culture ever again. Be Divinity and seek the goodness in life for all. We must seek wonderful education that is affordable, living wages that allow us to be able to stand on our own, affordable housing, affordable healthcare and real equal opportunities created and uplift those with additional mentors, teachers that want the best. When we are the best for ourself then we can be this to each other. No more division, agenda, violence or force. Rather the priority is humanity. We are a potential carriers of peace. Let us move forward. Much love to each and everyone of you. This is my prayer.


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