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Re-Creating a New World and New You

My Dear Beloveds;

Thank you for stopping by. Gratitude is the most important thing to remember each day. With the Covid-19 affecting our minds, our bodies and heart space energy; we must be vigilant in reminding ourselves that every thing is topsy turvy due the to need to dismantle old systems.

It is important to create a future especially for the young generations to be a role model of

adaptability to the turbulent uncertainty we feel ahead of us.

This is the way Spirit tests us to reflect and re-establish our real priorities. We are not beings doing things to be recognized; we are recognized beings that have the ability to take action in the Flow with Spirit. Are you in the flow with Spirit? Do you feel powerless? Do you feel alone? Do you feel hopeless? This the illusion of chaos before us is the starting point to create a new world for you by deconstructing the old thought patterns ingrained in us from our ancestors, our belief systems, our educational systems and our labeling of what is right or wrong, what is the way of a woman/man supposed to be or act? Do we ever question when we struggle with these old systems that it is not you but the old system that no longer services because it creates rifts, disagreements, uncomfortable feeling and struggles? This is the perfect time to release these and create a real all embracing system of criteria that uplifts, values and accepts all. This the Heaven on Earth trying to enter a world where it no longer services some and we blindly go ahead thinking the more we do and create; it will go away, we can ignore it to the point we utilize self gratification in constant quick motion to 'deal' with our issues unresolved.

We no longer spent time at our home to feel at home. We display ourselves so that others feed our ego to equate who we are when we must identify ourselves by going within. Discovering every light and dark within us to commit to be the best self forward. We don't need to feel the urge to impress or measure our worth by others or old archaic systems that didn't answer the upliftment of all. We answer to our heart and and soul that guides us on our path.

I have seen far too many people lonely and making choices just not to feel alone on a temporary basis over and over again. I laugh inside when they play these head games with themselves to use the 'fix' to temporarily ignore what they lack in doing the work to heal. Ask yourself "Do I have the ability to be honest with myself and the fortitude to heal myself by putting in that time for you to be real?" Are you as real as you can be? Do you hide parts you feel unacceptable for fear of 'selling' yourself short? Instead, ask yourself; why do I ignore the most important person in my Ask yourself again? Be honest. Do I use habits or exterior stimulations like a paper towel in hopes to 'fix' the issue temporarily instead of doing the shadow work to identify, admit and do the work needed to be whole? I see far too many people use others, substances, habits, environments to identify who they are. These are just choices and preferences of the exterior. When will you choose you? When will you be able to feel at peace and real gratitude for doing the work necessary to be whole and not need exterior stimulations?

I remember a great example is people who choose flings to address the inability to be vulnerable with his/her life partner and uses other men/women like paper towels. I usually want to say to him/her and the flavor of the Next? Next? This is an unhealthy cycle created to cope which gives no resolution to the wholeness of being present in the world. You are filling your void inside your heart and mind with temporary 'fixes." I am sure this 'feels' good but then you become an addict and want more. Your shadow comes out and you start utilizing this coping mechanism like an addict that needs the next person, next quick experiences and I'll be better. Don't lie to yourself. Sit down and figure out has your shadow needed more 'fixes' at a more increased paced and see how desensitized you've become. How lonely you are. Once you are tired; then you can see the happiness is a choice and it takes a brave heart to change your patterns of coping and taking the steps of really existing, being present and loving life. But alas, it is up to the person to see this way as the 'out' of the unhealthy cycle of despair for themselves and commit.

Doing the work with humans is a complex and learning experience. As an empath I can pick up their thoughts, emotions and feelings and become a reflection but I must catch myself. Some folks who are intellectually strong doesn't mean that they are utilizing that energy for good choices. I have met some folks who think using their mental suggestive influences on people can make them get what they want (ego and shadow work). However, as I reference back to a man who liked flings as there are women too that have done the same. I remember hearing him with his mental capacity saying: "Take your clothes off." I knew Spirit sent me there to help him or her understand that attraction to me was Spirit's arrangement to get their attention and hopefully pay attention to the lessons presented in a compassionate way. I then heard at another time the same command from his mind. Of course I do not respond to such commands and the answer is 'NO.' I then continue my spiritual sharing with these individuals as I have had both men and women approach me by Spirit getting them to pay attention to me by carnal shadow choices and have me convey the message they need to hear or read. I cannot tell them this but even if I do; they are not listening and going by carnal instincts then I ask if there is no harm between us from Spirit to continue or not. I do not do affairs or flings but I will convey my teachings and sharing of spiritual messages with great dedication for a period of time. I cannot judge the individual if and when they get it but I can determine when I am done and what way I convey my messages at a pace needed as I can only do so much to share the tools of wholeness over and over again until they trust me and take positive actions. Usually, I will get confirmation that they acted out of their character and that I celebrate in my heart for them. At times I see the progress and then others they fall off their path again. It is not my duty to attach myself to them and feel the pull from them and their feelings and emotions and must ask if it is them or my feelings in contemplation as you can be swept up caring so much for the service

Spirit has asked and the confusion of the individual after a period of time then Spirit says "You're done." I then quietly make my way out of their energy field but some become very attached because the same shadow work has surfaced and when I get myself out of their way then real digestion of the work comes into play but some patterns of coping in life are so hard and ingrained that it is difficult for them and cannot judge how far and how much for it is their life and choice. I admit I am a Mother Hen as my Beloved has told me and very very patient and forgiving but sometimes; your presence is no longer needed as Spirit is guiding each of us.

So during this time; get to know yourself and love and accept all parts of yourself and strive to be whole. Learn to forgive yourself and appreciate things in life you hadn't noticed as you make progress. Your perspective changes because you were strong and good enough to decide for yourself out of truth and love. Look to the light where love is and keep a positive attitude and develop mantras in morning and evening prayers to start your day and walk with each step saying these mental mantras into wholeness. I wish you well on your endeavors of what I call 'footsteps back to you." Much love and practice this as you reprogram you, your energy field and your responses to your exterior environment. Love yourself so much that you can bring yourself up to the Light without doubt or shame. Pat yourself on the back when you make strides and be well. Namaste and thank you for being here and be in the Flow with Spirit as we cannot go against Spirit if we choose to be whole; instead be with Spirit.


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