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Rebirthing Continues

Meditation is a wonderful way to release the old self into the Light and void. The void is the space where we are a mere hint of gas without form!

During my meditation I set the intention to cleanse and let go. I needed just to be comfortable with just being present.

Each wave was a breath of Mother Earth’s breath for me to inhale and release the stagnant air in my lungs from others or grief! I continued to rebirth myself by breathing and getting grounded with Mother Earth/ Gaia/ PanchaMama! The salty air purified my lungs as my muscles relaxed and sat up with my hands palms up to receive the pure light lesson given to my senses and third eye!

I merged with protection to both my Earthly and Sacred body with my Power Animals, Guides and Angels along with Pure Light and I saw White Light and I became in Union with this Light - The Universal Father/ Mother God.

I became at peace shapeless and formless to be purified and start again. Silence and solitude were my friends. I opened my eyes! Then a dog came by as people were seeing how the dog was staring at my energy feeling the fresh newness of my vibration with the Pure Light in the void. It was in no rush to leave me as dragonflies were flying in great quantities as we chose a beach called Playa Grande- tortoise reserve.

It was sacred and then I got up In Gratitude after grounding into my earthly body and gave thanks as I looked down a Snail Kite Hawk Feather appeared to wash ashore by my feet. What a gift and blessing and I placed it behind my ear to feel the blessings from Spirit and was my name as a male Shaman from the Ewantagh tribe from another life time as "Natakase." It was healing symbol of a blessing being the messenger in Divine Timing. Are you listening? Now is the time for you. Peace to you and Namaste!


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