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Reflecting of Winter Solstice

Hope the Winter Solstice was or is lovely depending on the area you are on the planet. What blessings to see the longest nights and reflect on the incubation period of manifestations. It is the symbolism of releases and realizations of Truths in your Life. What have you acknowledged as things of value to be taken away from things, people, places or situations no longer servicing your path in the NOW? This is a great time to release and do ceremony or burn candles and meditate and reflect the dissolution of unhealthy agreements or behavioral responses to people, places, situations of things that you are outgrown or allowed to illusionally agree this is your path instead you realize you agreed to society, educational, spiritual, religious or affiliations limitation as 'cohesive' but were blocking your growth and took you off focus of your path into the NOW. Let us embrace ourselves enough to see into ourselves what we have awakened to let go and what to maintain especially of divinity, our focus on our path. There are tests to distract us or test us if we care about outer influences that have nothing to do with our growth because it depends on our own realization that we must be vigilant even in difficult times where our mental health must be guarded, our soul's listened to and our mind not to allow fear, chaos, doubt, anger or anxiety to live and reside inside our heads to disillusion and break our will and strength of the Lights we are. Let us celebrate the releases of these and relish the Light even in Darkness...we must believe we are Light. Light cannot be dissolved, diminished or broken. There is no such thing...only our minds can rule and divide us from our own path and our own Truth. See your EGO but only as a familiar spot that we may only see but not entertain as a resident in our mind, our bodies and our voice and actions. Move into the Light and create the 2022 you wish to have for yourself. Wake each day and smile at the inner sun inside your heart and be grateful for the opportunity to be in the NOW and your Truth. Ask the Universe and your Pure Light helpers in meditations to guide you and keep you on your path in the NOW. Be the Sparkling Starlight witnessing your own brightness. Bow to the Universe in all your life journeys that have molded and birthed you again and again into Life. Loving Light Hugs.


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