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Good day to reflect. Watching the leaves fall and see how easily the trees shed what was not needed. The leaves represent the old, the past, the resolved or the unempowered in our lives. The leaves are free to fall and explore and return in their death with Mother Earth. Mother Earth welcomes in any dance toward death to make room for the manifestations and new birth. Enjoy this season to remind us no matter who or what we are...this is all temporary. You are strong, good and enough and so celebrate this reminder of what you do, your name and titles or labels are not you. You are a speck of dirt, dust and created from the void of formlessness. You are "molded" by the environments around us but in the end we return to the True Self coming from nothingness. We are Divine Essence and always make our journey back home. It is what we create, manifest and do in between make it meaningful. How have we evolved with the Light? How have we contributed to service? How have we embraced ourselves and others with humility and non judgment with love? One word we choose to be; choose it. Is it love? Is it truth? Is it peace? Is it compassion? Is it courage? Is it strength? Is it fluidity? You are who you think and you become this over many focused inner messages you tell yourself and others of who you are on earth. Hopefully, the journey of transformation of self is embraced and appreciated as you see it in others reflecting a mirror back to you. I wish you well this season of reflection, letting go, manifestation and embracing the journey of light.


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