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Refuse Victimhood and Embrace Your Divinity

If you have been a victim; the phases of healing in pain, anger and then revenge; then when you are ready not to instill the negatives inflicted upon you and be able to witness your coping with people, places, & situations that remind you only personally of this vibration...then see from a loving and unbiased does this move me forward? Will this help me be stronger, happier and at peace?

Then take the action to leave that old veil behind and put on your armour of truth within and seek the healing. The most powerful thing you can start with is yourself. As you are healing the test of how committed you are to join a group of victims who think that force, domination and shame of the inflictor/s or those labeled in your mind as inflictor can only vibrate the victim and negative initial stages of the journey in your life.

Therapy is advised as a method of strength as long as it takes because you value you a quality life ahead. Please make effort to say I am not a victim for life and inspire those in similar situations to remain loving to themselves and vigilant in positive healing & peace sharing your story only to see the fruits of positive movement and work towards transformation. This is Power.

The power to say no more to darkness and sinking down into a corner; the power to get up and keep going no matter the tears but being hopeful and vigilant towards valuing your divinity & sharing it. Lovingly advise and follow a path you create of Divinity! Much love.


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