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Reiki - What are Benefits of this Hands-On-Healing?

Dear Ones;

I was drawn to this method of Reiki - Usui Shiryo Ryoho by a family member who went to take a local Reiki Level I class. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that is used when a Reiki Master opens up certain channels for the Life Force Energy to come in a flow and ease within your body by utilizing ancient symbols to help in mind, body and Spirit healing of self and others. It has been said that Jesus traveled to Asia and learned these healing techniques.

The technique is pretty simple. Pure intention to heal and have permission. I have been drawn to Reiki by a family member's story while she was taking it. She was very calm and even smiling for a change. Her demeanor was very pleasant. My husband was listening to her speak about her learning this technique and encouraged me to take the course.

My Reiki Master was a woman named Libby and she lived with her partner near a street called Arizona. Arizona was where I came from & where my family is after moving from England to re-settle and start a family.