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Reiki - What are Benefits of this Hands-On-Healing?

Dear Ones;

I was drawn to this method of Reiki - Usui Shiryo Ryoho by a family member who went to take a local Reiki Level I class. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that is used when a Reiki Master opens up certain channels for the Life Force Energy to come in a flow and ease within your body by utilizing ancient symbols to help in mind, body and Spirit healing of self and others. It has been said that Jesus traveled to Asia and learned these healing techniques.

The technique is pretty simple. Pure intention to heal and have permission. I have been drawn to Reiki by a family member's story while she was taking it. She was very calm and even smiling for a change. Her demeanor was very pleasant. My husband was listening to her speak about her learning this technique and encouraged me to take the course.

My Reiki Master was a woman named Libby and she lived with her partner near a street called Arizona. Arizona was where I came from & where my family is after moving from England to re-settle and start a family.

The first day you are taught ethics. These ethics can be applied to many healing modalities and life philosophies:

Don’t anger.

Don’t worry.

Honor your elders, teachers and mentors.

Make an Honest Living.

Have gratitude.

Have permission.

The benefits of Reiki are peace. Such deep peace in mind, body and Spirit. The symbols are taught for each for you to practice and draw frequently assigned Japanese words that have a powerful effect. This Universal Life Force Energy is in all things.

We practiced on tables the hand layouts almost all areas of the chakras on the body and on each other. I began to see visions and then dreamed later that night. We had nurse practitioners in the class. Some doubtful of shared experiences after one day of Reiki Level I. I just dismissed them because they didn’t know me or I didn't know them and it was a course to complete on a weekend.

There is a fee that you are given to pay prior. Then ideally, the Reiki Master administers and initiates you with the symbols they are authorized to give you when eyes are closed. A certificate was given along with handouts to practice.

Before taking the Reiki I class. I had a bad ankle from a twisted fall in my 20s and now I was in my 30s. I felt energy spurts in the ankle area when I thought of Reiki and when I thought to buy a Reiki book from Iona Teagarden called “Living Reiki'' and as I walked to the metaphysical store the spurts became frequent the day I decided to go. The spurts continued and then I make a point to find the Master and get the classes after my family member spoke of it in the beginning.

I was then to practice on myself and each other. We were all women so it was wonderful. Then I was paired with a woman who asked me to scan the body and I did. I found in her root chakra or feminine region a raised energy like a scar. It was from surgery long ago the way it pulsed and I asked her and told her what I felt. I asked permission to place my hands respectfully as we are always clothed for Reiki. She gave me permission. My hands felt the scar tissue and I saw with my mind. I then held it there and then it disappeared. I then hesitated and she granted me permission to keep my hands on that area and she felt pain and then as I kept holding my hands on her scar tissue; it disappeared in my mind and felt it in my hands. She told me this. I was amazed. I thanked her for letting me know. She thanked me. We thanked the Universal Life Force.

Then after our weekend course, we were told to come monthly but it would be different people the Master initiated. I am shy about different people since childhood. I waited til the right time. God guided me to go that day.

There was a wonderful group and one woman had practiced Kundalini Yoga. She was with her boyfriend. We were taking turns on each other and hand placements on the body. God told me: “You will hold and cradle her head and make sure you do not let go or or let it drop.” I asked her: “What she needed?” She looked at me and told me: “Do whatever is needed!” I said, “Okay!” I was excited and happy to help. Then after a minute or two she started to levitate upwards. God told me: “Don’t let her head go.” I kept and she lifted up 3 times. I had not experienced this before. I held her head gently and grounded her. I prayed for the Universe to take care of her.

Then she stayed down and started to cry. I was concerned because I was new. I thought I had done something wrong. She said, “I am fine.” Then I looked at my Reiki Master and she put her finger to her mouth to be quiet and let it go.

Then it was my Reiki Master’s turn. She wanted to go after we took a break and she kept dismissing me because nothing was wrong. This was my first monthly Reiki Circle and I was level I. Then I put my hands on her chest respectfully. I did this and the energy was vibrating and pulsing very strongly. She then told me to hold them still in my hands. I did but the energy really pulsed and she told me” Your touch was disconcerting?!” I felt disappointed and betrayed by her to initiate me and then tell me this. God was saying the minute she said that to me: “You are done with her and find the next Master.” I walked away never to return and wrote the Lineage Master above her and the granddaughter of the Reiki Master relative passed. She asked me: “Who has taught you Reiki?” I felt very badly to report anything else or give her names. I told her I didn’t want any trouble and then just practiced Reiki on my son who stopped sleep walking and my daughter and Mother-in-law who had early stages of dementia and she stopped wandering. Then I did Reiki on my pets and they calmed down and would come lean on my leg to ask.

It was interesting how dogs flicker their ears and cats just want to be on the table. Once the animals understand there is no harm then; they become receptive. Like any living being; they must like you and trust you and remember to use the principles.

I had done demonstrations in Whole Foods Market and I had incidents where a Reiki practitioner decided to lay hands on the client I was working on. I asked the client if he/she knew the lady. I didn’t even know her name. I told her that I cannot do this with you because you didn’t ask the client and they don’t know you and I don’t know you. She told me: “They don’t have to know me and the client’s don’t know what they want?” I asked the client if they wanted to have her do more Reiki because you had not expressed an intention and permission is what I was taught. The Reiki Practitioner seemed a bit egotistical to just join me. I told her that the client doesn’t know you and you cannot do this with me. It is the code and ethics of Reiki and she then swiped her hands and tried circling the aisles and reported me to the manager. I was charging $1/minute and then she tried to create issues when they had a fair where I kept my signs and prices and some folks were charging and not charging. It confused the clients as the organizer should’ve kept either charge or no charge then we could decide to attend or not.. I was reported and told to give it up for free. I said I have always charged $1/minute and some folks were new and didn't charge. Anyway, left the store because I felt daggers in the front sliding doors meaning betrayal and bad energy. Then I was asked to leave even though many months I had been charging. I didn’t return. Mind you this was a well to do neighborhood so I figured it was time to go.

Then I used to help a no-kill dog shelter woman adjust a new dog to her home. I had been initiated into Reiki Level 2 with a new Reiki Master. His name was Bernie. He was a gay man. He was a Shaman and Reiki Master. He was odd because he couldn’t look me in the eyes. God told me he is only there for Level 2. So I attended a few times as he was Canadian the circles. People shared and loved it. He then taught me Shamanic entries to 3 basic realms and we had assembled after the World Trade Center building’s collapsed like a building demolition. We were to get our spiritual helpers and send healing to any souls wandering there. I had a couple and helped them move forward and then a cute little boy stuck in the hospital.

After a few years, of being disappointed with the Reiki Master’s; I kept using Reiki on folks and veterans with kidney transplants needed and it helped. I used on terminally ill and more animals of my kids’ family friends and others. I attended psychic fairs where I would do Reiki and then Chiropractors offices and do the Reflexology and foot detox with Reiki. I spoke at Emory College of Nursing about it’s benefits and treated nurses on Nurse’s day as a member of The Complementary Alternative Medical Association at Emory.

I sent Reiki to my Grandpa in Arizona who had Alzheimer’s to help him be calm for care and transition and I spoke to him using my symbols. By that time I was a 5th Dimensional Reiki Master initiated by a gay, spiritual Reverend and Meditational Life Coach named Vedam. He told me that I had been practicing the next level already and this was a formality. With 5th Dimensional; I can work up front or distance healing with Ancients, Ancestors, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Pure Light Helpers of the client. My distance work was the ability to speak to the mind, body or Spirit and listen to the client and always permission even if a relative. If I got a ‘no’ then I knew to honor them and not be insistent.

When animals used to lean on my leg in people’s home; I wouldn’t be annoyed if the animal was calm and I would give Reiki and at times the lady with the shelter waited 2 weeks to ask me what I had done. I told her I spoke to the animal and did Reiki because it no longer was disruptive. Other times the animal I will ask with my mind: “How are you?” The animal will say “I don’t need it. I am done. It is time for me to go.” Then I honor the animal. Of course, I do not tell the dying or the pet owners they are dying. I allow the process and honor it. I comfort them when I hear they pass.

Sometimes, I use Reiki to assist a positive outcome to situations and it helps many if nothing is forced and no one is harmed with the request to the Universe. It has been rewarding.

Your benefits are good sleep, release of emotions gently, and peace of mind and body and Spirit & it assists with afflictions to ease or a complementary addition to thorough and ease in healing. When I practice Reiki I also make sure I do not place my body in bad positions (body mechanics) to do the services and use a bed at my level or do my best with the terminal. Also, much use can be done using Reiki on your plants as well.

You can charge your crystals, soothing music and use aromatherapy or incense if the client is not allergic

or self. I then utilize different intuitive guidance to do the service. It is an honor to serve. I hope this helps

you with ease and understand that Reiki is used on so many levels. Anyone can learn Reiki as it is non

denominational or cultural. It is for everyone and even a child can be taught from a Reiki Master. I hope

to service you in light, permission, and divine timing. Thank you for being here. Namaste, Peace to you.


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