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Removing the "Generational Curses" by Self Love

Removing the ‘Generational Curses’ by Self Love

I believe that the inherent passing down of ‘generational curses’ is something that I speak about how people learn from their ancestors how to cope or behave without questions. Either we are told elders know best, respect our elders, etc. We do have a problem when we do not question why certain reactions and actions are taken that do no remedy peace within ourselves. It’s not a blame game but more an awakening to see with truth in our minds and heart what the flaws are that are unequivocally unequal to peace, inspiration or wholeness.

There are have been ancestors back many generations that have coped with their survival or stresses by going within their own community or families and creating unhealthy, abominable and horrific actions…different types of abuse, limitation and defeating the spirit and not acknowledging the need to heal and do it out of old limited systems of revealing our vulnerabilities and flaws. Acknowledging, there is a problem and getting the help needed to heal when we find ourselves saying we are just like our ancestor when there are negative or challenging situations in our lives and shrug our shoulders to acknowledge it is this way and will always be this way without taking the out of box choice and saying enough of this unhealthy, uncomfortable and negative behavior and coping skill. Asking oneself why do we revert to something that is outdated, doesn’t empower us or our spirit and at peace with ourselves and others is important. Taking this time to reflect and see the unhealthy behavioral loops, patterns and move out of that realm of limitation and dissatisfaction into finding new remedies of coping with similar situations by getting the help we need and re-learning the behavior and coping skills that equate our wholeness.


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