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Renewal via the Monarch Butterfly Story

Renewal by Blue Thunder March 19, 2019

Renewal - Transformation with the crystal bowls. The intuitive sound to utilize and chakras were the red/blue and purple with the infusion of white pure light and purple light. The short story of the Monarch Butterfly and how it grows and feeds & 4 generations to come to full cycle of transformation and renewal of self was explained.

As you clear your body and feel totally connected to Mother Earth like an tree giving thanks and releasing all that does not empower you, all your worries, concerns and other people's energies/situations. Breath very softly, lovingly and gently. Know that you are totally loved and unlimited in your creativity. That this is a space of Pure light helpers who support, guide and protect you. This space has no room for negativity, no ego, no doubts or fears. This space is sacred and you see a White Light enter the top of your head into your body, limbs and heart ...this is Purity and removes any doubts or fears. Know your earthly body and sacred body are protected. You take a journey with your sacred body to a magickal realm. A fairytale forest. You walk down a cobblestone path to a large tree. This is a Sacred Tree. This tree is so tall it goes into the clouds and so wide that many people can sit against this tree. As you sit you look up to see many Monarchs as if the leaves of this Sacred Tree. You marvel at think about the life renewal/transformation and you shrink your body to a tiny small egg that is translucent. You are totally protected and can see outside this egg. You grow and form into a tiny light green eat milkweed the food of the Monarch eats ravenously because you need to feed yourself to grow.

What choices to transform or cleans your body with diet, try new things and do things that empower you this year? You think as you grow you develop into a larger caterpillar with light yellow, black and white stripes and you feed on the nectar of the plants and milkweed. You know you must eat enough to store the fat for the dormant period of development in your journey of transformation and you grow antennae and furry and you climb the Sacred Tree and find a branch to suspend yourself for the final stages of renewal.


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