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Returning to Shamanism

I was just introduced to Shamanism by Spirit guiding me to a teacher. I had a car accident and knew it was an energy shift. It was a new shamanic group and I missed 11 sessions but told the teacher what happened.

He shared some things with me to decide whether to make it or not. I did go after consulting Spirit. He placed people according to energy. He placed people after a person sages me with a vulture feather. I saw another Peruvian Shaman dressed in his black skirt and shirt using holy spirit water to blow clear energy.

I was thinking to leave but the van I drove got stuck in the mud and Spirit and the angels said a couple will help you leave.

As I came to this shaman; he told me to sit in the South. I said to myself: "Surely, I am just going to be an observer as this group has worked 11 weeks together and will be moved. Then someone placed a pelt on me! I then was told to do some healings???

My shamanic teachers were hearing my thoughts??? The leader needed a healing for the death of his father and separation coming up. I was asked to hold one of his legs as he laid down and his assistant usually sat in the South did not understand and took both his legs.

I then asked what to do and she was told to move over. I prayed my white light and compassionate prayer for him and the Peruvian shaman moved his head like an animal listening and the shaman was listening to my thoughts as well.

They said your heart is pure and later was given my name by a healing session on a woman with my future healing partner. I received it in another language from the Ancients chanting.

I then went back another time to learn my 4 directional animals as I learned I had been a Canadian tribal healer near New York named "Hawk" and told him in the language "Natankase"...he translated it for me and there came the animals.

When I went home; I got a bluejay feather heaven and earth confirmation of this blessing. I then went back to learn about journeying and he asked me to lead diff. journeys to retrieve heart chakra or find their power animal.

My healing partner had lymphatic cancer and he and his wife helped push my van on the first day out of the mud. He and I were assigned to do healing on each other.

After that many diff. clients of mine were battling cancer or terminal. Also more people that were abused or traumatized were drawn to me for healing. Usually macho large men who needed to be loved and nurtured via energy of the Goddess. It was a grace and blessing to serve.


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