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Reunion with the Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper 9/2/2020

My Dear Ones;

Since my postings of the Moari Crystal healings and my sacred energy body meeting the Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper has inspired me to reacquaint myself with her again. I rise early morning as the Hawk calls out my window as the time to journey is now. She has beckoned me since yesterday to journey to her and my past life Homeland. I am protecting my earthly body that is grounded by my Temple Dragon of the Earth and the sacred body I become a White Wolf and sit in my power. The journey begins to New Zealand.

She appears much younger in her 30s with silky long dark hair and tattoo tribal markings on her chin. She wears the cotton dyed indigo dress and the wool neutral colored shawl with broad brown stripes on it and moccasins that seem to me lined with fur inside. She is so beautiful and she is telling me to reacquaint myself with the whales. After we do our forehead to nose greeting to each other; she tells me to follow her to a beach called 'hongi.'

The beach is filled with many Whale-riders. It is whale breeching season so they are a little testy and they are many gray and blue whales and she sings a sacred song to call and welcomes them that calms them. There are two blue whales that bump into each other and they start calming down. She continues to sing the calling and calming tribal song to the whales. They all calm down and the Whale-riders enter the edge of the waters slowly. I follow in this and a Orca comes to me. She says: "That is unusual and it seems to come to the shallow waters very slowly gliding in. It seems to feel my energy and I am calmed by the Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper's song as well. It is hypnotic.

Then we speak mind to mind both whale and I. I greet the whale with flower leis slowly letting these float around the whale and wear one lei around my neck. We speak a hidden language just between us but we understand each other. It is sacred to engage with the symbol of Mother Earth. I then pet the whale on it's forehead facing me very slowly and gently but firmly. I then slowly take the basket of fish provided in the ritual and sacred ceremony and ask the whale if it is hungry? It says it is and I feed slowly the fish to the whale. After awhile, I ask the whale if it is full? It says yes and the peace offering is accepted.

I see a few Whale-riders on the whales and I then ask the whale may I ride it? It gives me permission and I slowly walk around the whale allowing it's eye to follow me and then it tells me to go on top near it's blow hole (where it gathers air coming in and out the water). I then am dressed in indigo naturally dyed cotton pants and top with lei around my neck and hold firm on this massive beautiful whale. It backs out slowly for me and tells me to take breaths as it will dive up and down very slowly and gently and I see life in the sea like jellyfish, manta ray, coral, snakes and tropical fish. The whale takes me up for air and then it goes out a little further and then tells me with it's mind to take a breath before diving a little longer and deeper. The whale is trying to be gentle and strengthen my lungs from Covid.

As it dives down a few times with me; I see in between the other Whale-riders doing their own rides with the whales. It is time for me to return as the Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper has sung songs this entire time for the whales and riders. My whale turns around to return me slowly and rides me to the beach towards the Moari Crystal Elder. I get off the whale slowly and tread the water gliding my hands to pet the whale so it knows I have descended to the water off it's body and join in the singing. The song has changed to a gratitude song and farewell to the whales and they understand the energetic vibration this song messages them and the riders all dismount. We bow in gratitude to the whale as it departs and continues its journey and season of breeching. All is calm, the ocean, all life and we are following the Moari Elder to a feast to celebrate this visitation and ride.

I am drying off and there is a fire for all to dry off and warm. We are given tea and coconut cookies. There is a huge ditch that has been dug by the tribe that prepares certain types of stone heated that do not explode (You must know which kind in order to prepare for hangi.) that will be used for cooking 'hangi' (open pit) is the name of the feast. There is fish salad, wild pig and other delicacies and tropical fruits. There is a mat weaved of grass for us to sit on for the feast. The men perform a warrior dance in grass skirts and they have tribal markings. They are fierce looking with ornate tattoos singing and chanting and moving as tradition in way that shows strength. The women are wearing tribal headbands and cotton skirts that wrap around and gift me one of natural dye. It is beautiful as they know I am a guest. They know I am to be treated well by the Moari Elder's hongi we exchanged.

After awhile, the Chief of the tribe comes to me to take me to see the red wooden carved gates into a compound and sacred hut with thatched roof that is very large for sacred training. Men usually are trained and he takes me in the compound for a tour. He shows me areas where the men learn the warrior dance, rituals and areas outside to practice hunt and spear throwing, wrestling and mock battles. He welcomes me to his training center and I respect him as he speaks. He seems to be smiling yet looking through me with his eyes. He studies me the whole time and as if taking mental notes of my energy field. He then takes me back to the Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper.

The Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper at times has shown me the long list of ancestral Crystal Lineage Keepers that pass down the wisdom of the Moari Crystal Healing as tradition. I see a ornate jade carved necklace on her and she is older now. Jade is a common stone of protection and sacredness in this country. She gifts me a huge half abalone shell necklace with beads and string cord weaving as a gift. I am emotional as she has been emotional upon my return. It feels like coming home and yet it saddens both of us to part when the journey is finished but there will be other times. I do 'hongi' (nose to nose and forehead to forehead) again and place my hands in gratitude to her at my forehead bowing and the tribe sees me do this. I then have to return back to my body and grounded but still emotional. I shall visit with her and the tribe again.

Such an honor to be toured by the Chief, to hear sacred songs, and ride the sacred Mother Earth Whale with others in the tribe, to be accepted without question, to see my Mother Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper and be gifted her love. I shall now research jade and abalone healing properties and give thanks to her. She told me that the crystal set was not needed with me to visit at times. Sometimes, I think I must have them with me to honor her and the Tribe; but she says it is not necessary to journey...only pure intent and heart energy of Light be the preparations for the journey without harm or disrespect. It was quite a lesson. Eternally grateful. Thank you and Peace to You.


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