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Review by A Veteran: Michael J Manion

Dear Ones;

Thank you for being here! I have a review from a veteran named Michael J Manion. He is working on programs to benefit veterans at the moment. He is kind of enough to give me this review for you to read. The Past Life Regression is distant and aids in removing the obstacles of your mind and body in alignment with the divine path and soul. My honor and pleasure to serve. Thank you Michael for your review. More to come! Here is his story and shared divine work:

"In a world where lies, deceit and treachery have become the norm, the TRUTH often sounds like an act of aggression."

This is something that stuck with me, the very first time that I could read it to comprehend it.

I was 10 years old, in the G.A.T.E. Program (Gifted and Talented Education)

By that time, I was already 4 years into my own awareness that the world around me was run by people who really didn't "get it". I had no frame of reference for what "it" was, but I KNEW that "THIS" damn sure was NOT "it".

As a child, I performed well on standardized testing and read for understanding at levels that most around me did not. However, the only topics that ever appealed to me were history and geography. I stayed engaged with the program, because it made my Mom proud to be able to tell her friends about it and all, and we got to go on some really interesting field trips on a monthly basis. However, I knew that it didn't make sense to me that only certain kids could go on the expensive (G.A.T.E.) trips.

One time, in the 4th grade, there was a Whale Watching trip and a friend of mine who loved everything about whales and wanted nothing more in life than to see one cried as he saw the G.A.T.E bus leaving to go on that trip. He obviously had not "tested" high enough to be in the program.

The next trip was to the San Bernadino Museum and there was going to be a sea exhibit there. I told the teacher that she could give my spot on the trip to my friend, because by that time, I had been to the museum plenty of times, and my friend never got to leave our block most days.

The teacher told me that I could not give my spot to my friend, simply because he was not in the "program", he hadn't "tested" high enough.

In my mind, if I don't wanna go, and you have someone else, who would give anything for the same opportunity, why not give it to him?

The teacher went on to explain how life isn't fair and how some people don't apply themselves as others do. She was trying to build me up, by tearing my friend down. She also told me that I was one of the brightest students that she had ever taught, but I had a gap in my teeth and if I didn't fix it, people wouldn't take me seriously as an adult.

She said this to a kid who just got to school after waking up at 0430 to deliver papers, because we were poor and ate a bowl of cereal with powdered milk in it and I was looking forward to a "gubment block cheese" sammich when I got home, and THIS woman is talking about braces! She might as well have said I needed a million bucks! Either one was equally as likely to happen at the time.

I realized right then, I didn't want anything to do with shit that made poor people feel even poorer, while making other poor people feel a lil bit more advanced, by excelling in THEIR systems. By doing so, you would be better than those around you

I didn't care about most of the info being regurgitated anyway, so I decided to mock it all and get kicked out l.

I knew numbers easily and never had to "show my work" on paper for most problems and I would just write the answer. Teachers would get very angry,

making me take math tests twice, will sitting in front of them. I would write in words "how" I figured something out, instead of numbers, just to irk them.

I would say things like, "Well, you told me to memorize the "times tables", so I did.

If I memorized it, like you said to, then WHY do I need to show work that is already memorized? I actually drew a picture of my brain once as "showing my work".

This went on at EVERY place in my life, where I tried to be part of whatever anyone else was doing and capitulate to societal expectations. I would apply myself, and get to the "top" only to be disappointed by what I saw once there.

I set out to mock it all and the military seemed like a good place to hang out and then eventually, it was hanging with Outlaw Bikers and the like, as I hated ALL of the rules in the military.

Fast forward many years, to about 2 years ago, when the implementation of the COVID plandemic was new, that very same KEEN understanding of actual research and personal knowledge of chemical mask efficacy prompted me to buy an old school "plague mask" and a clown wig, when they started with the "mandate" to participate.

I KNEW what the answer was and at. How is this relevant?

Past Life Regression!

It would take almost 50 years to awaken and realize that I was right all along about the world that never felt like home to me. It would be through a Past Life Regression reading, with Donna that the energy, karma and life path from a previous existence made everything in this iteration make sense, as I was born into the exact same situation, where I "looked different" (by no fault of my own) and certainly thought and moved very differently from everyone around me.

The same suppressed or misguided divine wisdom has been intact within me for centuries. It would take THAT long to figure it out and break the cycles. However, through the love and guidance of my Sister Donna, I came to understand fully that it is not about breaking anything.

The "breaking" comes in the form of acceptance and integration of those parts of us that we don't know, until we do.

Past Life Regression is a very valuable modality to utilize for one who is just starting to lean into the spiritual path, or for someone well into their journey of deeper understanding of self.

In addition to the first service, I have additionally received more love, support, understanding and inspiration for all of my endeavors, just by making this connection and watching the example laid out by my Sister Donna.

The experience prompted me to share her contact with people in my family, who are on their personal journeys to reach higher levels of understanding regarding their spirituality as well.

My family and I are eternally grateful that we have found Donna in this iteration as an ally.


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