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Rhythms of Life Lessons from Goddess Morgan La Fay

In honor of Mothers for Mother’s Day 5/7/2022 by Blue Thunder. The meditational exercises are from the book “The Goddess Oracle” by Amy Sophia Marashinsky.

Taking a trip with the Goddess Morgan la Fay. In the mythical lore of Arthurian times when King Arthur was there and Morgan La Fay created a situation where she had him murdered. She then was feeling guilty of this and she would heal him by taking him to the Island of Avalon. She healed him and kept him in a deep slumber until a time was the right rhythm for him to join his new fate.

It is a journey of life’s rhythms in your life. Have you developed your rhythm according to other’s rhythms pulling you to a false purpose? Do you feel lost? Where am I and what is my purpose? It is time to release these false tensions, stresses and anxiety you feel for yourself because you feel like you are nowhere. The Goddess of Rhythms - the Triple one of young woman, creatrix and crone is here to have you revisit and reclaim your own rhythm. She will take you on a journey to this magical island of Avalon for healing and surrender to finding your rhythm in life.

She asks me on this journey with you and my Temple Dragon of Fire surrounds and grounds you. You are beginning to focus on you and your rhythm. You see whether you are the young maiden (youth) in life, the woman (adult) and creatrix or are you the crone (elder) in your rhythm of life. You sit with this and accept your rhythm and the Temple Dragon of Fire starts to breathe out healing fire to the sky as it surrounds you to protect and guide you in releasing tensions and other people’s energies with your own fire. You then take several deep breaths blowing out as much tension and fire as you can as the Dragon encourages and does the same with you. You are ready and relaxed as your Earthly body has been guarded, guided and protected in this journey with me.

Your Sacred body then floats out with your Pure Light helpers. I am with my Seraphim body and other life beings of Cosmic Light.

We are taken to a boat and my boat is light green and you see your own boat and you will journey to the Island of Avalon. We get in our boats individually and we lay down to relax and allow the boat to float rocking us back and forth like the Mother Ocean rocks her baby to slumber. We are safe and trust in this journey. Rocking back and forth and fully relaxed as a midst approaches us and we are not worried and it is the portal to the Avalon. Our boat docks on the magical soil and we get out of the boat. A huge oak tree with a friendly face greets us and welcomes us to Avalon as the Redwood trees are tall and vast. As soon as our feet touch the soil the magical energy shoots up our feet through our legs and body and our head. This is Avalon. We hear the faeries laughing with glee upon the arrival. I have a small basket of blueberries for the fearies to make their blueberry wine. They unite and carry it away with gratitude.

This points to a shady path that we walk on in search of Morgan la Fay. She is hooded in a blue purple velvet hooded coat. I know it is her and we follow her. I give her crystals and you give her something from you that magically appears. As we walk, the touch of her makes us float in the air laying down wearing the same velvet hooded coat as the Goddess toward the grove of apple trees that surround a pond that we will surrender. She says what we need to be in our rhythm of life. She keeps encouraging us as we float together on the pathways to the grove of apple trees. Surrender to what you need she keeps telling us. Surrender that you need not feel compelled for purpose by the rhythms push and pull of others. Surrender. You are floating relaxed and you see the apple trees. I start to imagine the Garden of Paradise story of Adam and Eve in the Bible and how the apple was said to have wisdom and directed the couple not to eat of its fruit. In the Pagan and Wiccan belief; the apple is the symbol when cut in middle from top and bottom; you will see 5 seeds and the symbols of "Fire," "Air," "Water," "Earth," and Spirit. Morgan la Fay quickly dismissed this theory and said with that thought; you do not eat of this fruit. Leave the apples untouched. You are gently landing on your feet with me. We walk to the large stones and lay on our bellies to scry into the pond water for what we need. Morgan la Fay asks you to look. In Pagan and Wiccan spirituality, scrying is to look in a mirror or water or cauldron and see what you need. At first I saw my loved ones. Morgan swipes and stirs the water and says that is not what you need. What do you need in order to feel connected and aware of creating and being your own rhythm and let others know to honor that? You look and scry again and you start to see images or words or symbols of what you need. Do you see self love, focus, boundaries, time? When you see this; the Goddess hands you a net to gather what you need. I need focus, organization, faith and trust to commit to me and time. I must give myself time. I see a large old time alarm clock and it is caught in my net and pulls that to my lap sitting up. Yes, the Goddess says. “You must give yourself the time to create the rhythm and live your rhythm. She tells you once you have gathered your net on what you need to be in your own beat and rhythm; you can be fully there living the life you so want for you. You deserve this. She tells you: “It is time to return.” I and you are floating back to the path that led us to the pond and back to our boats and back into our Earthly bodies to live our own rhythms. What is your rhythm going to be? Flow, Steady, lively, upbeat or slow or what? I choose for myself to flow forward in ease without stagnancy or regressions. Whatever you have chosen for yourself. Follow your rhythm and live it. Much love and respect to you. Peace and Namaste.


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