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Sacred Silence having a Meal Together 1/23/22 by Blue Thunder

As a person who loves cooking for others and her family; I find the sacred time to use all the ingredients and ponder how they came to be with the sun, air, water, earth and spirit helpers to grow and flourish by the animals and humans who touched and took part in getting this to the table. It is a sacred ceremony to grow food and work with Mother Earth in order to thrive and feed our community, our family and ourselves. We must find the time to see how much work and energies are gifted to present this to your table. It can range from the farmer, the laborers, the crop pickers, the packers, the delivery and the stores and help that displays these for sale. It is also the equipment we use that makes it possible for this.

Reiki is amazing and so is the Pure light. Often, with gratitude, I pray and send Reiki symbols and healing white light and forgiveness energy to the sacrifices made from the animals and plants and if any cruelty or fear placed in the animals that it is removed with white light and peace and forgiveness and thrive in the light and send light into the ingredients as I prepare these for cooking. I then stir, sing, chant, dance the love and joy and ask for the utmost in nutrition for those I am feeding and self.

The act of gathering for a meal is sacred to me. I cook for unity, I cook for love, I cook for healing, I cook for joy, discovery, learning and harmony in truth. I send this light hearted intention in the food and pray for all the made it happen to be blessed and healed.

When seated at a table; we do not bring our phones, our ipads, our laptops or desktops. We respect and honor this sacred communal time and each other’s presence in sharing the meal. It is like a symphony of cooking, place and serving the food. Then each person is serving themselves and enjoying their portions. It’s when the 5 senses are deeply connected to each other in silence that you know you have made a good meal. I smile inside as I feel the eyes, the nose and mouth and the sensory touch are in deep focus and appreciate the herbs, spices and food. It is not a negative feeling when this happens. It is finally deep focus on one thing at a time. We have forgotten to stay in the present and forget about chaos and being appreciative their own 5 senses and mind and body and soul are fed these beautiful experiences together.

Next time, you have a meal and cook or serve it. You will know how much love and joy was placed in it by the silence and deep feeling of being nourished and loved together. Try to remember this when eating a meal. Try to be focused on the preparation, the gratitude of all participating in this beautiful experience of the 5 senses and feel the deep connection to what the Creator has gifted you all. May you always enjoy and be conscious of the food you ingest and how it is prepared and raised and presented. It will allow you to see that you need nourishment of the pure kind of goodness and not fast food or frozen meals.

I share this food of my thoughts with you and hope it sees you focus on being in the now especially at meal times. Thank the Creator/Great One and all the divine earthly angels helping to nourish you. Remember to be grateful and be part of the chain of life and living. It is sacrifice and giving to be nourished and honor all the participants. Much love.

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