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Second Journey of Power& Love during Asian Tsunamis 2017 feat. Arachangel Hilarion - Emerald Healing

Second Journey or Personal Power with Love with the White Knights 2017

This was the time Asian Tsunamis hit Japan and Phuket, Thailand for this healing journey.

Meditation...Sitting in my Pyramid of Power and using the MerKaba tools with my Power Animals to journey for the sake of Humanity and all that Live on this Earth.

I traveled to the Underworld to meet the Skullman who crosses over all souls no matter what lineage, culture, language, etc. into the world of Soul Peace.

I shape-shifted a few times and cleansed it with Compassionate Golden Light as the Line of Souls awaited to complete their journey.

I cooked a stew of Love and Hope without end in this realm that was comforting to gift the overwhelmed Skullman...with his work and he was rejuvenated and Lord Ayahuasca wearing a scarlet cloak I gave him a drink and poured over his skeletal frame as he instructed with the healing liquid and he was happy.

As I saw the souls awaiting, I then had an intention instead of drinking the stew to have a cloud of rain of compassion send tiny droplets to the souls and then to the living still alive to guide them to compassionate hope and assistance.

As in the tsunamis and hurricanes of the past; the Goddesses in the role and place of healing grief, anger, peace and love will be at work.

Archangel Hilarion with the emerald green stones to plant into the earth for healing and places souls have been lost at work in divine alignment of what the earthly situations caused for the lesson to ignite giving, hope, strength and unity of humanity and all that dwell upon this earth and cosmos.

We are tested for our unity and compassion and honoring the emotions of grief and anger and exchange these by having unity, love/compassion and hope in our hearts to assist those who are instrumental in triggering these emotions for healing.

Heal the planet and cosmos with me tonight as we shall send this energy feeling it inside and sending it out. I then went back to my earthly body and share with you today.

Much much loving prayers and efforts continue...positive movement and positive action in much gratitude to serve.


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