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Self Courage with the Goddess Maya (Veils of Illusion) - 2004

My Sacred Tree - Chrysalis called me on the time to do this journey. I intuitively knew to bring my Black Jaguar totem, and the Goddess Oracle Card of Maya and my White Crystal Quartz. Although it was not necessary to have it physically because holding those in my intention was enough but it was okay.

I then travel to Mt. Olympus in my sacred body as my earthly body is grounded and protected in both bodies. Zeus has greeted me as Good Daughter Isis's Apprentice. I see my Inner Golden Child (another form of innocence and me) run and take me to a flower that is cosmically and aurically colored and protrude from the stem to pistal like pollen as parts of a flower and ride on Pegasus as 'Pocahantas' surrounded by golden light with dark hair. I am transformed during this ride to a Butterly Goddess (transformation) with golden crown. I am told that this is how I evolved from my spirt name "ButterflyChild" to "Golden Lotus" and each petal is a Spirit, Water, Air, Earth and Fire in repetition.

I see on a mound of dirt a hairy beast which is a symbol of Courage and am frightened and ask Golden Child is it safe? Golden Child explains: "Courage is scary and remember when you were a witch burning in your past life in Ireland (16th Century) and the crowd had no courage but you did standing as you are and died that way."

I begin to put myself down as I did not finish my path as a male Native American healer in Canada (another past life) but that is ignored and told I am love and to touch Courage even though it may be scary. It takes forms and has hands and with claw likeness and I touch it and changes into a human wearing shining armour. The Goddess reveals that this is you a Warrioress! You cannot see Maya only her voice as she is the Goddess of Illusions at this point. She says "Take courage my friend. You have come a long way and now I meet the Goddess Maya and she lifts all the negative veils off of me - Fear, lack of confidence, doubt, anger and much stubbornness." Her words of comfort have me feeling light and airy and returned to the cosmos in the star filled sky.

Through the cosmos & back to Mt. Olympus and escorted to told to take courage and stand before the Gods and Goddesses unclothed. Goddess Isis - Mother Goddess calls me to sit on her lap and tells me hugging me in her feathered arms and headdress that she is so proud of me. I am tearful and I thank all of them. I come back to earth again and a song plays in my head "Surrender (Celine Dion) resonates with me and this this at the Goddess Gathering for Women at my home. I am returned to my body and asked by my Sister Tree/Chrysalis to place the White Crystal Quartz by her as a tree to feel the energy and information of growth.

If in doubt, fear, defeat, anxiety; remember these are the veils you place between yourself keeping your Divinity and Light from shining. Reflect and love yourself and remove the illusions and be present in the strength that you are. With Courage as your Friend you are the Warrioress/ Warrior shining bright. Many thanks. Namaste, Peace to you and Courage be your presence.


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