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Self-Growth:Mind, Body & Spirit

Self-Growth: Mind, Body & Spirit November 15, 2018 | Blue Thunder

Storytelling crystal bowls today 11/14/18. The Universal Lesson of the Time is "Growth"...self-growth. The German Goddess Eostre is the teaching of you learning about balance of your mind, body and spirit. When we feel stagnant, blocked, depressed or limited; we are in the illusion of limitation and struggle that comes from Ego. We breath in the peaceful breath into our nose and body and our body begins to sink into Mother Earth and our muscles and spine relaxes and as we breath peace in; we feel our toes, ankles and calves and knees relax. We continue to breath and our thighs and hips relax and breath to relax our spine and abdomen and organs, continue to breath and release and relax your fingers and wrists and elbows, and arms, breath again and relax your shoulder and neck, breath again to relax your jaw and face and forehead as your eyes are closed gently. You breath as if you are a tree connected to Mother Earth.  As your earthly body is relaxed and rooted; your sacred (both guarded, guided and protected); your sacred body floats into a beautiful earthly scenery and