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Sensuality and Sexuality

Sensuality and Sexuality by Blue Thunder 2/6/2021

Having meditations of clearing out debris of old energies lately and started conversations with my Love. It came to me that both were essential in our lives. We are the creative fire that helps us move with the flow of love or lust.

What is the difference with love and lust? Love is commitment and acceptance and mutual agreement and adoration with respect. Lust is the same a commitment and acceptance and mutual agreement and fascination with terms of engagement. Sometimes our agreement with love is very soft and romantic. It is sensual and embraces the senses. Lust is raw primordial and like a hunger to engage in fiery exchanges and animalistic ways agreed to. Sometimes, love is for a time and lust is only for a moment.

Whatever you choose; please know you state your intentions to engage with each other. To seduce each other is the first spark of fire between you and then it grows into a simmering flame. It is like it grows in space and time like your relationship. Sometimes, it is lust and attraction at first and develops into love. At other times; you just want to have fun which you state at the beginning. Honesty of your intentions is most important then lying and manipulation and making impressions, statements or promises you don’t intend to keep.

Some folks find promiscuity exciting as their chemical make up is short term engagements and sex only and then like a wine tasting or beer tasting; you move on but you tell that person and find out if they are the same wavelength and vibration as you to make the agreement. This is the way to living a life of truth. Nothing wrong with that and is very exciting.

Other times there are relationships where there are multiple partners and is handled with certain ground rules to respect each other and their time with each other and some points of privacy agreed to. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement if everyone is fine with it and takes a fluidity in mental and heart capacity to maintain.

There is a talk we had together and passion is like ‘food’ to our heart and soul. When you feel so strongly connected to someone; doesn’t guarantee they are but heartfelt and taking time for these conversations is important to stay or walk away. Is this temporary or long term? Any relationship you still dive in with some risk but you understand what the risks are as you make the terms with each other from the start.

Ask yourself which is the food you require for your passion or what is the ‘food’ to others. Other’s find luxury and passion with food, others fashion, others creating, others food is ‘sex’ and ask each other what is your food and passion. You will find that those who crave sex as their food is to understand that is their food for connecting to another human being. Everyone will be inspired by each other’s honest expression of passion and food for the mind, body or soul or heart. It’s a wonderful conversation to have by letting your guard down. Just because someone’s food is food and another’s is sex; there’s nothing wrong and there is quite a great understanding what your ‘food’ of your passion is.

Take a moment to breath and ground through your first chakra called your root chakra that is red near the birthing canal of your body and imagine is grounded into Mother Earth. Breath her energy in as she is a model of procreation and abundance of births of many ways to life. She gives herself freely trusting in the process as you can breath through your root chakra. Feeling your heart beat slow down and feel the connection of your root chakra and your heart. Fill it with pure light and then the red light of passion of creation. You are a sacred vessel that holds the fire within. It can simmer or roar and with mutual understanding whether love or lust; please make sure you vocalize what your intentions for connection are. Feel how sensual you can be by dressing in a way that is soft, romantic or wild and raw. This is your sacred time but feel this energy through your root chakra first and ignite it in your heart into your third eye. See this small line of energetic alignment. Feeling the flow and connection and line of connection from the root to heart flowing back and forth with your breath. Then take that energy from that to flow into your 3rd eye chakra and allow it to flow freely from root to heart to 3rd eye and back with your breath. There is no judgment. For those who need a little help; try different colors and textures of clothing, candles, aromas or a setting that sets the theme. Whatever you both agree to is a private and beautiful thing to experience ecstasy in whatever rhythm of sensuality or sexuality.

Ask yourself, how to make it different or exciting for you to enjoy your engagement. Alot of people always ask how to give pleasure to the other person as it is vice versa but while doing the dance of sensuality or sexuality; make sure you enjoy yourself. It is never selfish to want to enjoy yourself and the same for your partner/lover. At times, your partner and lover will be so comfortable not to be in the mood but pleasure you. Even when not in the mood; see it as a dance or wave of pleasure, passion and giving. At times, receiving is not a selfish thing at all but maintain the appreciation of receiving from the giver and at the same time appreciating of giving mutually makes it all satisfying by vocal expressions during the act and afterwards.

Pleasure and passion is the perfect time to be closer, loving or playful or wild whatever your dance and rhythm in life is not only for Valentine’s Day or the young. This is for everyone and sex is for everyone. Even nature; it comes naturally. So be the enticed or enticer. Savor your flavors of sexual expression and be comfortable with whatever strokes your root chakra. Whatever or whenever be accepting and open to all possibilities. If you don’t try; you never know. Well make it a treasure pocket of pleasure with intimacy and trust. Trust each other and enjoy the illicit joy in your soiree of love and lust. May pleasure be your vibrations. Raise the fire of passion and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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