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Sensuality and Sexuality

Sensuality and Sexuality by Blue Thunder 2/6/2021

Having meditations of clearing out debris of old energies lately and started conversations with my Love. It came to me that both were essential in our lives. We are the creative fire that helps us move with the flow of love or lust.

What is the difference with love and lust? Love is commitment and acceptance and mutual agreement and adoration with respect. Lust is the same a commitment and acceptance and mutual agreement and fascination with terms of engagement. Sometimes our agreement with love is very soft and romantic. It is sensual and embraces the senses. Lust is raw primordial and like a hunger to engage in fiery exchanges and animalistic ways agreed to. Sometimes, love is for a time and lust is only for a moment.

Whatever you choose; please know you state your intentions to engage with each other. To seduce each other is the first spark of fire between you and then it grows into a simmering flame. It is like it grows in space and time like your relationship. Sometimes, it is lust and attraction at first and develops into love. At other times; you just want to have fun which you state at the beginning. Honesty of your intentions is most important then lying and manipulation and making i