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Seri/Comcaac Tribe Visitation and Lessons - Mexico

Seri/Comcaac Tribe Visitation January 19, 2024

It was January 18, 2024

Both my Beloved and I traveled with Michael Manion who does Veteran Retreats Quarterly in Santa Ana, Mexico with tribal Facilitators of Rape’ Xanga and Bufo (toad medicine). Some had their own traumas or addictions that were cured as an as needed basis for spiritual healing work and self transformation.

We visited a Bufo Farm where the ‘Abuelo Bufo” Elder was and met a couple of men who were facilitators. They had an ‘inipi’ sweat lodge made from ocotillo cactus and this time the toads were underground til Spring or Summer to be harvested. But not in the way some have heard they hurt the animals for their venom that puts you into altered states. When you harvest the toad; you have to calm the toad by holding them gently as the glands the venom medicine comes from are hard when anxious but when calmed they soften and the venom is squeezed out without hurting the toad I am told. Too many amateurs have harvested without compassion and love for the medicine it has marinated and aged like fine wine underground during the winter months of slumber. It was nice to see them grow pecan trues and other herbs for market and a horse that was so gentle and loving in the field. It was a clean and organized farm that saw opportunities to provide the community and our veterans retreats for healing.

We were hungry being on the road for several hours and Michael took us to a local place for steak and tacos. The tacos were great and we enjoyed each other’s company. It was nice to stretch and speak about my Beloved’s authorship and travels. He was a poet and one companion had a guitar and was a multi talented musician who loved to cook burritos and sell them was his plan to stay in Mexico away from the division and stress of the USA. He loved small towns because he came from one but he loved singing Mexican songs and playing with others hoping to be in a band and save enough to thrive in Mexico. It wasn’t a place you felt unsafe at all even though we had the border checkpoints and other types of black uniformed check points to pass on the way.

Afterwards we traveled to his space of dwelling and it was a nice remote and quiet location. Winding streets and alleys and unpaved roads that could be found only if familiar with the area over time. We met one facilitator and his mother. His mother stopped by to cook a pot of beans for him and it was nice to meet them as they hugged us or greeted us friendlier than when we walked around our art center in Atlanta. It was time to go to Micheal’s home near Kino Bay which was a quiet time of year since all tourists were out of town during winter and only Hermosillo locals came to enjoy a weekend getaway. Hermosillo was pretty and modern. It was time to leave but it was getting late so the Seri/Comcaac tribe had to be seen tomorrow and sleep in King Bay.

We traveled to the Sonoran area of New Mexico where the Seri/ Comcaac Nation were on a reservation. We were to go to a ‘meet and greet’ and not partake in any plant or toad medicine or retreats that are usually 4 to 5 days quarterly as the men go in one section and women in the other. The women would study the nearby plants used to heal not only the plant medicine of rape’ or bufo (toad medicine). As we were to journey; we were told to bring offerings and take groceries for them to cook for us and themselves to share in a communal way as this was a reservation of scarcity. They mainly eat plants and seafood. The government has donated fishing boats and they have a fishery where they harvest the sea life for food. Many shells were found, even tortoises for sorting and consumption. The shells were used for necklaces and jewelry the women made and sold. It was a sunny day in Mexico. They were building a community food house the government said they would stock for them 24/7 but they were like other reservations doubted the completion of the government’s commitment like in the US they don’t still have running water in the Navajo Reservation and have a truck paid to bring a truckload in and there are no plumbing or pipes. Unfortunately, the water equipment was installed but the pipes for adequate water were not so they Veterans brought over rain barrels, food and clothing and some fresh fruits and vegetables. They called Coca Cola their drink ‘brown water’. It was sad to see there was trash everywhere and some locals were high on whatever they had there and did nothing. Wandering around. However, women were industrial and made sachets of sage with embroidery and necklaces and bracelets from local shells, snake bone and beads to sell to visitors. They flocked when visitors came. It was sad to see the motivation was not there to show pride in their community with trash and cluttered iiving conditions but they cooked the food by opening a fire pit for us and appreciated the fresh water and Coca Cola. It was delicious and we played our instruments as we do to travel. It was nice as sage was burned and welcomed us to sage ourselves instead of the Shaman and Medicine woman. Gil was married to Demaris and she had pools of deep seeing eyes that could look into you. Very beautiful and loving couple and they had 6 kids. Poor Gil lost his wife to terminal illness and Demaris was his wife. He had another daughter only 1 year and was very cute and spiritual. You could feel the power in her and she was quiet during certain discussions and spiritual activities. She wanted to face paint me after I held the plant medicines below with her Mother- Demaris. She was cute as ever.

Psychometry holding Rape’ shown by Shaman Gil 

I asked Gil if I could hold the medicine. I  greeted the medicine of Rape’ and asked if I could approach and learn from it. It approved of my request and me, a shoulder length haired man who sold it to the Shaman of this tribe through my own psychic psychometric seeing.

I then was not told how it was formulated but more like it was like taking in the I went into the darkness of creation and there I floated and felt it was the space before the void. I felt so much space and heard only a stillness. I then returned to my body as it was a universal experience of expansiveness.

I then returned back to my body thanking the medicine for its lesson.

Psychometry holding Bufo Toad medicine Gil showed me a dried packet of golden venom in a plastic bag and placed it back into the baggie for me to hold allowing me to experience this again psychically.

I held the medicine in a baggie from the Shaman. It looked like liquid yellow opaque gold dried and in layers. I saw the area where they were constructing a community eating hall past it where the toads lived underground. I asked the toad if I could learn about its medicine. The Toad said we spend lots of our time but to humans it seems like a waste of time. But this time was needed to develop the medicine in our glands for the summer to be harvested and I saw the other medicine man who administered Bufo of the Tribe. His face and red and blue markings of the Tribal symmetry and colors. Then I asked to understand the medicine and I was told not to fear the medicine because it was natural and part of the earth so it won’t hurt you. I was told to relax and breathe comfortably and peacefully and allow the teaching. I felt the warmth and in the center of my forehead I felt myself merge with the Creator’s light with all other lights and Oneness was the lesson. I felt the loving light in all of this and connection. I then thanked the medicine and returned to my body feeling the light in my heart.

Later the face painted my face pictured. Demaris gave me an eagle feather and shell necklace she wore. She also gifted me a ceremonial long skirt of cotton that is made from their colors of white, red and blue. We ate the deliciously prepared food and jammed again as Michael had a buffalo drum that the Shaman Gil played. They also believed in calming themselves with medical marijuana as well. I gifted Gil and his Father who was ill from pneumonia tobacco and some healing bracelets for Ms. Rosa the Healer, Demaris and Gil and bundles of sage and palo santo, and other cleansing herbs to burn. Demars face painted me an intricate design and there was music behind their house. It was someone’s 40th birthday and they were making burgers, fries and fresh corn with the topping typical Mexican style and drinks. This is where my husband the the multi talented musician Juan from USA decided to liven up this party with song and music and they someone brought an accordion and Juan played it and sang with others and then a drummer was there and another guitarist and they were all changed from no smiles to laughing, dancing and clapping. The potatoes we bought were not used for our meal but used for the birthday party. The Historian Ramon who teaches at University was there speaking to Michael and his wife. She rushed over to me to put on a snake and shell necklace without explanation and we enjoyed the music and seeing the joy in this celebration. We then left after a while and I told my Beloved…”I don’t know what is happening to get the necklace or who this woman that gave me the necklace is.” Then I found out she was Ramon’s wife and so hospitable. It was a joyful and grateful ending of the day as we journey after thanking Gil and Demaris and all for their hospitality. We were thinking of returning but a date was set but not certain since the retreats are quarterly and depend on participation and sign up with funds to secure the dates and locations later. 

Our Guide, Driver and Coordinator, Micheal Manion also helps with the fundraising for these trips with music performances with several bands and some of them are the veterans from the programs  in Tucson for Veteran Mental Wellness  with fellow veterans who participated in the retreats in the past to fund the trips to retreats for those financially challenged. They are seen to be so heart centered after their experiences of self love, self transformation with people of the heart. The Tucson Fundraising for Veterans’ Mental Health and Retreats is on Facebook: as “Music with a Purpose” - a reggae music community that helps veterans. Email contact: Tel. No. (520) 429-4074.  The Tix are usually found on Facebook with evite ticket links. One is Friday, 1/26/24 and Saturday, 3/9/24 at The Rock, 136 N. Park Avenue, Tucson, AZ. $20 ADV/$25 Door and VETERANS $15. FOLLOW FACEBOOK FOR OTHER DATES AVAILABLE OR FOLLOW THE EVENT EVITE FOR THEIR ORGANIZATION. Retreats (quarterly held in Mexico) with Michael and the Tribe and Facilitators called “Healing Frontline Heroes (520) 306-7032.

Psychometry holding Xanga (Changah) Michael had asked that I hold then experience the medicine which was a blend of powders and got a brief sight of the man who sold it and disappeared and forgot. I guess it was not meant to be that I remember that portion because of the blends it was made of DMT.

I approached holding the pouch that looked like tobacco and I asked if it was okay and to learn from it. It didn’t waste time to tell me where it was made. I saw my 3rd eye open and I took a deep dive into my third eye and saw the helix and Star of David or MerKaBa and the violet flame and white light traveled. I saw myself travel to the Sirius constellation where I am originally from and then I saw rainbow colors illuminated and then rainbows were on my eyelids and then I saw the points of the stars where space ships were of different life beings. I then traveled to the tip of one and saw the king of that life form and on his throne and welcomed me. I asked if there could be harmony taught to all of us and he said that we need to try and to not judge yourself and your path and that they knew I wanted harmony and harmony between me and my husband and they would work on him to get him ready and to do work with others. I felt a compassionate golden color light so warming in all my veins and and then my body felt so light and joy and oneness…such lessons of oneness I gave the King crystal roses and he thanked me saying he never felt the earth and the crystal roses made him feel so close in feeling the earth with them. I then went and sent these roses out to all and returned back to my body after thanking the King and then thanked the plant. 

It was time we left after jamming and took pictures and then left back to Tucson, Arizona where Micheal drove us and there was no problem going or coming. We were to go in October 2023 but tribal fighting was unfortunate and also the local authorities held the Chief who was sick and married to Mama Rosa the Healer. We didn’t get to meet. It was not meant to be and we left with many understanding and impressions of this trip.

This is the work we do adding to the experience with my sound healing with my Beloved, meditations and past life regression, Reiki and other work with the Ancient Tribal Maori Healing with Crystals that I do and Jim’s mentoring, books and programs we created and Beloved’s creative force. This is the experience from my perspective only and shared with you without ingesting the medicines but holding them to let them tell me their story to understand without judgment and with compassion. Thank you for reading.

Namaste and Peace to you, Much love and understanding without fear.

Blue Thunder


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