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Service of Cancer Warrior

My healing session a must share that I have never experienced. I am working with a cancer warrior and during the session...I saw Beloved Jesus her Brother (our brother) and Mother Mary cradle her, I saw her guides and they were at peace and her ancestors as well as they watched me. I felt the White Light enfold and embrace me and grounded myself and asked the four corners Archangels to provide the Sacred Space for Healing. I played my crystal bowl that stimulates the heart energy and our Divine Essence in Mother Mary's lessons of past to me that we are the heart energy. I continued working with the Reiki (Hands on Healing in affected areas). Whatever were the stated issues I addressed as God's/Creator's tool in healing. I explained the the Violet Flame of removing debris of emotional, physical blockages to wholistic health. I received an intentional prayer to vibrate the energy she had received for her daily prayer. As the day went on she let me know that for the first time she was thirsty and hungry and ate thoroughly and was satisfied. She had allowed the Light an the Food of Wisdom and Spirit to assist her. She then said she saw several times a day of encouragement a black cell transform into a healthy red cell after a Bright Light hit it. Be a lesson of faith and allowance of light and much will be given to you. She is my hero, my teacher and a blessing at this time of my life. Thank you Warrioress. It is an Honor working with you.


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