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Shadow work via my Tree Sister, Goddess Kali and North Shamanic Teacher's Intention

It was time to release negativity by Great Spirit 5/3/2003. I went to the Underworld dimension for shadow work through my Favorite Sister Tree - Chrysalis and a curved path around underground tunnels up to a clearing in an angry forest with thundering lightening sky with heavy rains. I am excited to journey as my North Teacher tells us the intention and I already start before he continues to start the journey. This will be a lesson of dual journeys into one for me.

An unfamiliar voice says "Now find you and am looking but cannot see me." Then a dark sludgy muddy river comes towards me and the Goddess Kali (India for facing your own fears) is the one I discover is talking and she says "Now walk through it!' She does not have a gentle voice but a commanding voice and as I walk muddy sludge gets deeper and deeper as it engulfs me. Then dirt & mud comes on top of me and piles on me until I am buried. Do not worry as this is sacred body work not the earthly body. Dirt & mud piles on me until I cannot breath. Do not fear as this is the lesson not a real time burial.

From above ground, Kali tells me: "Climb a jagged cliff!" and I start upwards out the muddy dirt as it continues raining hard and I keep falling and cut my right hand and blood comes out as the jagged rocks skin and scrape my knees and I just keep going.

I keep going and the branches & vines reach out to entwine themselves around my arms and hold me there so I cannot move up and I try to free myself but cannot keep going. It gets less jagged as I keep being determined and manage to free my left hand to obtain a machete that appears nearby and cut these vines and branches and move and but more branches continue to grow once cut! My Dominant Power Animal - Black Jaguar says to me: "Keep on top if it." I continue climbing and see my enlarged (to the size of a boulder) - White quartz crystal is there and I stand now on top of it.

Immediately, I start burning flames and my body peels off in layers of skin, muscle and bones and turn into ashes. Kali says that I will be rebirthing and rejoining with the Earth and the wind carries my ashes over a meadow filled with wildflowers that grow and turns into parts of my body and she laughs and says, "Now put yourself together with your heart." I am renewed and rebirthed with Kali's assistance with my heart as I assemble myself together again rebirthed by the cleansing flames.

She laughs at my struggle and success in following her healing exercise and then she is distracted by my Shamanic Teacher of the North's voice who started leading the journey that I have already started after immediate intention set & his journey becomes the lesson now. The Goddess looks in his direction & leaves me alone to follow this added exercise in release and rebirth of self as he guides this journey and says: "You are floating on a cloud." "Oh my gosh!" I say to myself in my mind; I better keep up!" I see my formless light body on the cloud. I am floating in a bright sun light upward. Sometimes, I take off and journey a wee bit faster when someone is guiding the meditation. I go through a window and into the cosmos as my Shaman Teacher of the North instructs our group.

I am in a galaxy & I see an emerald green crystal that I float towards and is big enough to sit on. My North Shaman says; "You are near the sun and then I think: "Oh my goodness! I am to be near the sun!" So the sun appears and I go into the cosmos again as he instructs this." So I am in two journeys intertwined. I see other large boulder size crystals in this realm he has seen for us as the size of the white crystal quartz and there are other crystals the color of the other 7 chakras and they float in the cosmos and I am closer to green (heart) chakra crystal.

He continues to instruct our Shamanic group: "Open your heart!" Light beams around all the 7 chakra crystals above is the Creator's Light. All crystals are illuminated. I then float to set in the middle of each of these crystals. Then the souls' of the other lights of the other Shamanic journeyers there do the same in turns and a golden beaming rod like light attached to each one of the journeyers to their bodies reaching towards the Creator's Light is what I see.

Our North Shaman continues & leads by saying: "Go to the Light/Creator!" I go upwards and the group of soul lights are gathered drawn to the Creator who is even brighter than ever. He then instructs us when he feels we have done the intention and work he set for this journey for all of us. (I must apologize as when a leader of light says journey; I just listen to the intention and then I start right away because I love this work). It is requested to all: "Come back down through the window!" I am still formless as other fellow soul's that day and come back down on a cloud to a window and on my White Crystal quartz and see my earthly body to return these energetic vibrations of transformation to from my sacred body.

As I am doing as instructed by the North Teacher Shaman; as an observer now; I go back down the cliff discovering no rain, no Goddess Kali, no mud or lightening, no branches into the hole down the familiar tunnel and up and out from one of my favorite trees where I began my journeying.

The Goddess Kali usually is blue and wears skulls around her neck and body parts as her belt who address your fears. She is a no nonsense kinda Goddess and her laugh is not to discourage you but to make you overcome your fear and do the work needed to overcome any obstacles of negativity in your life. I hope you got the lesson and not fear the lesson as she is trying to have you understand our fears are the barriers to our rebirth and renewal because when you live life with the heart energy; you can overcome whatever is in the mind, the body and soul. My North Teacher is showing us how to heal completely with the use of the 7 Chakras and connection to our Creator's Light in wholeness. I hope you are not too confused and Namaste.


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