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Shadow Work with The White Buffalo & Fall Equinox Lessons 9/22/21

Dear Ones;

My journey for the Universal Lesson of the Time was to visit the Underworld Dimension where Shadow Work is done. I have visited many times and this one was overdue. It is where you honestly address the negative or dark side of self to heal it by first acknowledging it by signals of the body's imbalances of loving acceptance of Sacred Self.

In this journey, my earth body was grounded as my Sacred evolved out of it as a Golden Seraphim. A Seraphim is a 6 winged angel. The White Buffalo was to fly with me. I respect the sacred power of this totem pure light helper as it is pure white and very huge. It’s hooves are as massive as it’s head with horns. I do not sit upon Sacred Power but fly alongside the Native Americans symbol of purity and peace. At the same time, my earth body was grounded and protection symbols placed around me with the Bear (symbol that is family, protection and it cradles me. I gift white roses as a necklace to my Bear totem pure light helper. He is my Brother.

I entered the underworld walking down old castle steps inside a dormant volcano but realized that I had wings...LOL. Then took flight to fly around with the White Buffalo to see the Underworld from my perspective. I immediately saw Lord Ayahuasca (no I do not take this substance) and he is skeletal and wears a hooded scarlet cloak. As we land; I realize that the White Buffalo is massive so the dimension expands to hold this Sacred Power of Oneness.

My Shadowwork was guilt after listening to one with mental skills to try to tell me to do things. I had done something to a Brother and I knew immediately to question but was too late after the act was done. I regretted and wondered but didn’t address it. I was feeling disappointed in myself to not discern the mind control that occurred and was to do the work with the mind controller and the Brother I may have offended without thought.

There was Skullman at the River of Styx who crosses the Dead as I was flying in the volcano realm of the Underworld; I heard the voices of the many moaning needing crossing. Skullman was in his brown cloak and hood and was not so clear because he was tired and needed a healing. I then placed my 6 wings around him and a golden symbol of 3D infinitus appeared over his head of compassion and it was like warming liquid light creating a cocoon and the symbol above his head and golden rays healed him.

I saw the Cauldron of Life there with boiling water and looked inside and it was my fleshly temple from the last visit and I was told that we all are releasing the fleshly temple and old self this time whether physical or spiritual death during the time when the veils between dimensions are thin and keep thinning as our lost loved ones connect to us.

I saw my Mother and she was there looking vibrant and young and she apologized that in her heart and mind were not well feeling rejected in a orphanage for so long and she was holding this rage in her heart but she was healed in the Upperworld and felt so much happiness and bliss. I was happy for her and then the White Buffalo stomped one hoof to make the sound of Thunder. Lord Ayahuasca and Skullman were marveled because the thunder is muffled in the Underworld and it was fascinating to them to hear it actually up close even the dead souls who had been waiting were listening to the sound the White Buffalo had gifted them of the Heavenly Sky realm.

As I looked around, my Brother appeared that I harmed by acting out of the mental commands of another. I take the responsibility as I did not recognize and acted without thought or clarity or discernment. I told them that it was my fault and I cannot blame the Mind Controller as my action did the work and next time I was told that I would be alerted even stronger as the Mind Controller was strengthening and testing out his skills. I again, took the responsibility of my action in the end and would be more discerning and felt the pure light helpers would block the Mind Controller or tell me right away to question actions out of character next time onwards.

I then apologized and then looked inside the Cauldron of Life to see that I became vapors only and blue light had shown as the colors of the evaporation of the old self and a symbol of healing in truth. The Mind Controller admitted his actions and he just wanted to communicate with me. But this was not communication and next time the ego will be left out and to think and dialogue up front and respect each other in earthly time was necessary. No more games. He then apologized and my 6 wings began to wrap around my old self in the Cauldron and at the same time around my Brother and the Mind Controller and a Sacred symbol appeared above each of our heads and the Cocoon of Compassion infused that energy and healing with us without attachment. Droplets of Compassion went into the River Styx and Underworld to heal the awaiting souls.

The Universal Lesson of the time is to heal with truth on our shadow work either anger, jealousy, greed or possessiveness, etc. Negative qualities that signal self work and this is the time to heal and let go of old self and understand the answer is Compassion, Discernment and taking a breath and moment to think and then Speak or Act with Conscience. Life is the cycles of Death, Rebirth and Renewal. It is important to be clear and do the work that brings you back to Sacred Self and your Divinity. Allow Spirit and Pure Light to bathe you and know in your heart you are always the potential of positivity and light.

It was now time for my Brother to leave and he returned to his earthly body and the Mind Controller vowed to be more respectful and dialogue exchanges in truth and healing are more effective than making and taking from ego choices of others. The lesson was complete and my Sacred body returned immediately to my earthly as White Roses where given to Lord Ayahuasca and the Skullman.

It was an honor and the White Buffalo sits in my Mesa room as a Sacred Rattle made by a Native that painted that on it. I am so blessed and grateful for the shadow work and healing for myself and all of the Guardianship of the White Buffalo and Sacred Bear Pure Light Helpers. Heaven and Earth also include the Underworld is not hell but dimension where Shadowwork with the darkness within that needs to be addressed to heal and be the Light once again. Thank you for reading this and hope this story helps you do the work needed on this Sacred Fall Equinox as the balance of dark and light and half day and night are here. Wishing much blessings in your celebrations or self work towards the Divine in your Light of Divinity.

Much loving light hugs!


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