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Shamanic Journey to Assist Finding Power Animals 7/2003

Dear Ones;

During my studies of Shamanism/Native American Healing; I was learning to utilize my gift to assist two people to find their power animals. A power animals is an aspect or characteristic of you that has strengths and weaknesses of that power animal. At other times; your power animal is the dominant one that assists in your initial learnings of yourself and your gifts, healing your shadow and utilizing your gifts to assist others and to protect and guide and guard you. Although your angels do this; the power animals is for those who feel comfortable inviting and connecting the their power animal/s to learn its habitat, tendency and prey. The prey is the medicine it consumes to create balance in this life and death cycle of the power animal. The power animal is good medicine if you always cleanse yourself and have gratitude for its assistance and cleanse it as well and honor it with your intention and own ritual or way you create to do it. You don't have to be a Native American to obtain a power animal if so inclined to include it with your spiritual entourage.

In this journey the Lakota Medicine woman was asked by the North Shaman Teacher to lead our group that was studying Shamanism. She instructed us to travel by boat. As soon as she set the intention to the group and asked me to be the Guide on this boat. My Anante (healing partner) as the Assistant in this journey with me to hold space with me. We were assigned this after the Lakota Medicine woman saw that the two women were too much in their heads to achieve alone at this time.

In this journey, I saw a forest with clear skies on a river and heard birds and water smelled like earth and water joined in moistness. It was a steady ride from where we started and went in front of a cave that had one entrance and divided into two separate caves for the two women we were assigned to assist. There where metallic bits of minerals glistened off the sun on the soil. The Medicine women instructed 2 ladies to get off the boat first in search of their power animal was the intention set. I turned into a Black Jaguar while on journey to the cave. The boat hit gently against the shore and I felt and learned we all felt the boat move as the ladies got off after this journey. One woman went to the left and the other to the right of the cave entrances. The Medicine woman told the woman to go down their own spiral passageway inside the cave to their own cave heart center.

One woman said she saw a cave that was mossy, emerald green and dripping with water. She ended up at some stone alter type slab. The other woman's cave was adjoining but separate and crystal white with stalactites and dripping. Her altar was stone as well.

My Black Jaguar said, "This is another lesson to learn you can go in 2 places at once and follow them." A snake that was beige with black dot marking appeared at different angles and was hissing. The words of the Goddess Shakti (Energy) were to be revealed to one woman that wrapped around her body without constriction and harm. At the same time, a Eagle came into the other women's cave and flew around and wrapped it large wings around to caress her. Both were very delighted to see their power animal.

The Lakota Medicine woman instructed each woman to have private conversations with their power animals. My Black Jaguar asked me to give them privacy and then afterwards returned to see them embrace each other's own power animal. The Eagle landed on the woman's arm and at the negative matter in her heart and solar plexus (she had diabetic issues) and the other woman's both intertwined their bodies together like a pact. The message I received for my own understanding was one with the snake to know herself and the other with the Eagle to love herself and conveyed to them after the journey.

It was time the Medicine woman said to come out of the caves with the power animals. The woman with the eagle I heard words of gold and she glistened in her head like golden light and the woman withe the snake came out delighted and happy from their union. They came to the boat and we went back to were we started. Feedback from the one woman with the snake said she felt slimy and good and saw Medusa type being but non threatening. Afterwards I shared my visions of the journey to the woman with the snake to practiceKundalini Yoga and utilize the serpent breath-work for her chakras. Then the woman with the eagle expressed that she was a black panther. I admitted I was wrong about the power animals but golden was given to me in words and she said her black panther had golden eyes!

Another journey was to find a person's heart chakra (This was the very first journey with the Shamanic Group). I went to the North Shaman Teacher to obtain my 4 direction power animals and he told me that you are made to journey. I didn't quite know what that meant but studied the meaning. Then he assigned me this task the next time the Shamanic Circle met.

We journeyed on a boat I assigned as the Guide. I thought I was journeying for a woman in Australia to an island she loved but it turned out to be Africa. I passed through this Amazon Rainforest and through a void into another sea of emerald green waters where you could see your feet in the water as you walked and the boat landed on a beach. We all got off from the Shamanic group of the boat and saw baobab trees and a snow capped mountain. The woman could not travel quickly and I made sure all in the boat were on and got off together. Then myself, another group member and the woman in search of her heart chakra went to climb the mountain after my Raven took me there and a Golden Phoenix wearing Egyptian with coral and lapis lazuli/turquoise necklace appeared) took us there to the mountain top. The Golden Phoenix left us was beating the drum during this journey from the group which was an honor to hold that space. Drums are used to give access and lower or raise the energy in a group of healers or to journey and be in trance like state to do this work.

The whole group turned into a pack of coyotes and dug for her heart chakra stone. It was a white crystal and we howled as we found it. The mountain became flat so she could stand. In celebration, a fire was built on the beach to dance and celebrate her obtaining her heart chakra as everyone turned into their own power animal. A light of golden and white from her heart as the heart stone was placed into her chest. White Light came out of her heart to her hands and out into the as two other women gave energy healing to her in circle. We helped the woman who now obtained the heart chakra. Then we went back down as my Raven guided us and the Golden Phoenix's directed us to the boat. We all turned into our own power animals and got in. Then we left as we all turned back into our human form and settled into our earthly bodies in circle back to earth again. It was an honor.

Hope you enjoyed this dimensional journey to sacred self and allies of pure light.

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