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Signs of Transformation Confirmation 9/27/2022

It is a time of transformation. I become the Bear in hibernation trying to rest while my energy shifts constantly. My shifts just don’t happen once but on multiple levels Since September,

I have been reflecting on my life and who I am and to be. I owe it to myself to be present for me and to function for me. No more do I identify what is me by tasks done for others and their well-being…what about my well-being?

I play these mind games with myself like my Mother and her Mother did. Function for the purpose of patriarchal and dogmatic roles and be a good person this way. Does this make me good or just settle for less of me being present? I ask myself these questions. Can I keep pushing myself away and do things in spurts for me. Don’t I deserve more than what I give myself? The waiting and hoping things change from the exterior won’t make me happy. You can wait forever with hope and then it is time to move on when it becomes hopeless. No need for this stagnancy. This stop and block mode for whose sake? Am I being honest with myself and others around me?

I think it is time to be present. I took some steps in the last week that I would never have done but my body was tired, my soul was pushed down and my heart felt empty and my mind just wanted to stop the clutter of responsibility I mounted on myself for others was not needed.

I went to the mountains and there I stayed on a no kill farm. It was nice to have even a pet bull loving on me. There were alpacas that had the eyes of camels that all popped up in questionable expressions to look at me stretching their long necks out as if to say: “Who are you?” Good question. "Who am I?" The goats as well and the 2 donkeys and 2 pigs. All were happy in this place of silence and simplicity. I had no to do lists. I was so relieved. I had been doing this for 40 years. I needed a break and to just slow down.

I arranged for a Reiki Shamanic Healing on myself. My dominant power animal is the GroundHog. As I wondered if this place was right and the session was right…the GroundHog appeared and I set the appointment. As I drove to the Session; GroundHog showed itself in assurance all was well. I rarely get this opportunity but I was divinely guided by the farm owner who loved my energy to this Angel Healer. She did similar work on me. She was very intuitive. I was in turmoil inside and we meditated to start the session. She had tears in her eyes of all my past she felt…trauma. You know when you are stressed the old memories may add to the intensity and you have to fight through your mental exhaustion to move forward. After the Session; I shopped for a Ganesh shirt and asked about the sound healer. She was amazing and had a session in an hour but I already paid enough but wanted to come back to play my didgeridoo with the sound healer or healer owner at her metaphysical store. I drove back to my cabin and there was the GroundHog. I waited and then took my didgeridoo and while driving back to space; the GroundHog appeared. The GroundHog is about boundaries and balance in life.

Not only did I do a Sweat Lodge and become more aware of myself that I needed this couple of weeks out. I finally honored my Ground Hog as I bought a stone in the shape of one and put it on the community mesa during the sweat and we bonded from that as it appeared energetically pleased and wearing a crown sitting in my lap. I had never taken myself in a car by myself and driven myself on a piece of my journey of self love ever. I had driven myself for my husband, my kids and their passions and businesses and sometimes for me related to doing. I had to be un-doing for now.

After playing the didgeridoo and jamming together; we talked and it was great. There was a spare room and it was good. I asked the metaphysical owner healer if any time I ended up in this place; would I be welcomed to do my healing sessions? She was happy to welcome me anytime.

As time went on; the GroundHog kept appearing to and from the cabin and at night one dug under the cabin right where I was sleeping and made a noise. It was after a few outings to small towns; even Cherokee Reservation where I bought my daughter her first Shamanic rattle with a bear on it by a Navajo healer. I bought some jewelry for her Birthday for her as well knowing she and her partner would share it. The GroundHog kept showing up and one day the baby was crossing and I stopped but another truck was coming and I stared at the truck hoping it would see it (baby groundhog) and it stopped. Next thing I know I am coming back and the Mother is dead lying on her back and a baby groundhog running from the corner of my eye. I lamented on this…death of the mother and baby groundhog on its own now. This was symbolic later that my roles are complete and now my children are doing well whether I am there or not. It was a happy sign but unfortunate for the Mother.

I then went and found myself taking items to a storage space for temporary use. The number was an unusual one. I kept wondering as we always wonder if this is the right thing.

I went into a Wal-Mart to get some personal items and never saw this before. The columns at this Wal-mart have number section markings. The number was the same as my storage unit. I thanked the Universe for the confirmation.

I had a picture that an artist painted of me but it is the exact replica of my Grandma on my mother's side. I take it with me as she seems to look at me. It was her. She was a cigarette smoker and the door was closed for a moment and then it swung open steadily all the way so I could see her painting. I smelled the faint smell of cigarettes. She was telling me she was with me and I was brave. She had no negative scolding or anything else to say.

Ascended Master Jesus assured me, the wind spirits as well in nature that everything will be okay, no worry, no anger, you are supported. Archangel Michael usually shows approval of situations. I asked about a space my daughter wanted for her family if it would happen for her? Archangel Michael showed a golden lighted star around the home. It was also shown again. He usually answers me to go for it is a ‘green circle’ around a yes or picture or ‘red x’ for no. I have to be clear for my questions because he will say that you are not clear and what do you mean?

It seemed that a resolution could happen but not the way anyone thought it would be. I hope and trust in Spirit. We all must have trust and hope in whatever is happening in our lives. Sometimes, keep the faith even when you are in a state of not seeing the future and believe things will work out. Hope you are inspired by this story. Thanks for stopping by. Many loving light hugs.


John Tibbetts
John Tibbetts
Sep 28, 2022

So inspired by this story and the groundhog appearing. Thank you for sharing

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder
Aug 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you again for reading.

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