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Skin does not Declare Your Path

Dear Ones.

Do not be conflicted when your skin color and origins are not of the spiritual path you choose. The reason for unclarity is not for total dedication to one modality of healing. It is the freedom to choose any modality that inspires passion and realization it is your path, your choice and your discovery.

There is no concrete way to set this is the way and exploring stops. That would be sad to become self confined to believe in this diverse world and this diverse planet with the knowledge of past lives of many cultures and roles to gather the goodness and techniques to pay homage and complete the souls’s craving to be truth.

Just because you arrive in a certain form does not make it just to stay in a path your soul then suffocates.

Be free & be real and all culminations of your souls expansion. Your past life gifts for the power of good will take you and your soul will direct you. Much love!


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