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Souls in Purgatory - Mediumship Experience Heed No Contact only Pure Light Protection 3/5/2022

It was early Saturday morning. I felt myself wake off and on. Then I was awakened by a hurting heart. It was a question to ask who it was. It was someone I knew. Then I fell asleep upon a revealing dream of being in her home. A woman I helped by cleaning her home under my parents permission once a week. It was as if she had died. She wanted a proper closure as she felt that the closure didn’t happen properly. So my husband and I went and gathered the pets (which she normally didn’t have) , which may have been the family pets of the past to feed and retrieve them and to place things to donate on her wide front porch I used to sweep. I then thought to contact the utilities and bank for closure and clean and get the house ready for sale or to find any documents if any or momentos. I think she had been able to see that I cleared both my husband and my mother’s home after she died and she wanted the same. I came out of the dream.

I then awoke and saw Archangel Michael at the right foot of my bed as my husband slept. He had a soul this time in no color but gray, black and white. It was a soul in chains. It was someone I knew many years ago when I was 8 years old. This person had died when I was in my high school years. I helped a lot with errands around their house. I could see in backward time before she appeared that she was sentenced to purgatory for crimes committed by past abuse against her long term that she committed to her own family member. However, a question in my mind why was she in chains and I saw that she was in a large barred cage and she could become a beast that filled the cage with vileness, rage and disgust and was unable to free herself from the beast she became from the beast that made her a beast as a helpless victim and to be harmful to another innocent. Then she was brought into the present chained and not allowed to touch me. I instinctively knew not to approach her. She stood a careful distance as Archangel Michael stood watch and guard.

She was calm at the moment and spoke to me instead of the accusatory way of lecturing me against my healing practices and interests…that she was not allowed to do. She then told me that she made a mistake staying with a man who was a violent, abusive drunk from his own past of being helpless or powerless with her kids. Admittedly, she understood she should’ve taken her kids and herself away. That from that it; her resolve and outlet was to start abusing a family member inappropriately. She went on with her confession and story of the truth I had of her and her influence. She then said that her kids were affected by being shut down as one of the traits besides bad tempers. I listened because I didn’t know how to engage with her repression of aggressive behavior she held back. She then told me she was sorry for abusing her own family member. It was a confession. Then I felt the beast in her want to surface but Archangel Michael told her: “We talked about this! It is time to go back!” She left in her chains and that was the end of our meeting. I was told by Archangel Michael you never to enter the domain she dwells as a healer is not a place for you. I felt it was a place where the abusers of atrocities of innocence stayed until they relinquished their union with darkness and wanted to heal in the light.

This was an unusual experience of a tormented soul gone over 40 years! Wow! I pray for closure of the divine light and let God take over that particular domain and part of the work of balance between dark and light and purgatory. This was all new to me and I share it with you.

Listen to Spirit and the Pure Light Helpers to understand, pace yourself and learn and absorb only the purity of light and see darkness in it’s different forms and heed the warnings of Archangel Michael and his Guardianship. Much love and understanding how to protect and be one with the light. God always knows best and his Servants of Light. This I share with you and if you have been abused; please get the help to be whole. You deserve it. Stay in the Light, heal yourself and make an effort to connect to your divinity. Peace and Namaste & Loving Light Hugs!


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