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Spiritual Entourage Revelation 2004

In this journey I am told that I have my own Spiritual Entourage with me always and not necessary to ask who is going with me to the dimension. But alas it is not necessary to ask which dimension either as I am taught. I carry the Red Tail Hawk Feather, 'Andale ' the Sacred sacrificial stone of Mexico, red garnet and White Wolf pelt piece. The Hawks are calling but I am about to go outside and am told not to. "Not safe!" says My Tree Sister - Chrysalis warns me. The Darkness is wandering & the Nature Spirits are keeping it away from me. I am told to stay inside my home and view from my deck window. I hear hawk calling. I sit and ride on a large Red tailed hawk and hop in its back. It immediately turns his head and grasps and eats me.

Now seeing through the hawks' eyes; I fly beyond the sky into space/cosmos and am on Mt. Olympus (Upperworld). I see buildings and a fountain. Aphrodite see me and is delighted and calls me by my name. As she does that; I shape shift into a miniature Isis as she called me last time Isis' Apprentice (Mini Me). She has a musical laugh.

I take my seat at a table where the Gods and Goddesses - Zeus, Thor, Green Man, Old Hag, Pan (couple of dear friends of Pagan belief in earth time are seated behind Pan.) The North Shaman Teacher is seated in a portion of the table representing the Light in Human form. I see a couple of women the opposite side of the table of the Gods and Goddesses. There is Skullman and Lord Ayahuasca. I am told we are a mixture of all these and darkness and light. Another male is there in the center in need of healing as he has been influenced by another dark healer (She had a crush on me and wouldn't take no for an answer.) to energy vampire the two women and myself and the women are pouring green light into his heart chakra. I am told he is like a statue becoming cold and closed but they are tying hard to open him up to the Light.

Next, I journey the Middle World (Elemental's World) by thought where fairies dwarves and elves, gnomes to a miniature castle and I enter it and looks tiny and cute outside but inside is huge. I am told we see things in many aspects as tiny but they are huge inside like your heart! What seems so small can be so big! Sometimes, my eyes are blocked just to hear Spirit's voice because I don't need to see so much to understand. Spirit speak in different ways is the lesson in this dimension.

My future earthly teachers appear and a psychic school coordinator presents herself to us.The Coordinator has a Chief energy and she is great and we talk of another Goddess Gathering. She is stripped of wearing her earthly attire and exchanged her clothing as a Goddess attire where I had placed a crown on her to honor her. I feed her food and present her a cp of red wine. I am stripped of my clothing and placed in a clear veil of a cloak. I face her and she feeds me. We huge and embrace each other in acceptance of our Goddess Divinity in this energetic realm.

Maya gives me information from the talk of the Goddess Gathering leads to the Universal Lesson of the Time taught by Maya- Goddess of Illusion/Veils. I plan the menu, the layout of the table and mesa, the flower of red lilies and coconut shell candles my daughter gifted me (My Little Goddess). She wants veils and scarves and white crystal quartz with rainbows for the gathering (20 women) as my token. I will obtain rose petal again and a rose to each lady. Sparkling exotic drinks and non-alcoholic wine. We shall dance with veils to Arabic music and Salsa. Healing is permitted with the crystals. She specifically requests white roses and looks into my eyes and tells me the veil we put forth in loving ourselves must be peeled off like the skin that sheds when we die and our bones to dust.. All that is left is the Feminine Divine energy we are that returns to the Creator. The Goddess Oracle will be presented and arts and craft assignment Maya will give me at another journey in continuation of her teachings and wishes of her lesson of the time. In addition our guests speakers: the psychic woman that has a psychic school speak of her courses and another woman will come to talk of her "Pele" the Volcano Goddess (Hawaiian experiences after I gifted her a lei for her head to wear).

Lesson: In gratitude to Maya's teachings; i gift her a White Crystal with Rainbow Inside energetically and she tosses it and shatters but then it reassembles back together again. She says: "You see this was an illusion; it did not shatter." This was a symbolism how we seem broken and we can piece ourselves together in wholeness. I then leave the realms and come back to my earthly body. Not backtracking my steps anymore from the first initial ways I learned to Shamanicly journey but directly into my earthly body. In real time a hawk has been watching me from the outside window and leaves.

This was a blessing to receive the wisdom of dimensions, Goddess Universal Lesson of the Time - removing our veils of illusion and the presentation and activities in honor of Maya. May you be blessed with this information of light. Much love.


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