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Stop Complaining and Living in the Past: Heal Yourself

If you complain alot about every little thing and it bothers you. Please take a moment and do nothing but listen to your heart beat and breathe. You can create your life a living hell if you stay in the stresszone and just be grounded allow all the worries and concerns to wash away so that your mind is clear and calm to self resolve your concerns. Sometimes if it is too overwhelming; take a break a few days and do something fun. People are forgetting to laugh about life and find things to find laughter in. It is not a balance if you don't see humor and have a lightness in your heart. Much love that you find your space is always a choice of peace and resolve or turmoil and stagnancy. Much prayers for all of us to catch ourselves and love ourselves enough to say to self: STOP" and do your calming activity, paint, play music, play an instrument, sew, knit find beauty in creating and this brings you back. The inner creative is the God/Goddess we have in our lives and you always have access...write a poem and or sing...whatever your inner child like heart fancies to reset, restart and move forward. Have a great week. Prayers for the Violet Flame of Mother and Father God bless you, cleanse you, heal you and you be Whole again. Peace to you. Namaste.


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