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Summer Solstice Message from Father Sun June 21, 2023

Father Sun spoke to me today in meditation. His message that he was the symbol of the Masculine Divine and the traits of focus, stability, strength and the Light into the Darkness. He said the Moon has phases but yet his phases are more spread out and the eclipse of the moon in between or behind or covering the Sun are parts of the phases to re-emphasize the darkness phases and light. It is a lesson that we are both and sometimes darkness is our lesson. To be dormant, to reflect in quiet solitude to gain more meaning to who we are by being insightful and learning that we do change just like the phases of the Sun and Moon and just like the seasons.

As I sat there; I felt the warmth of the Sun even inside the concrete building with walls in a gym while it played music. I had done qigong to move my energy and used the energy balls of variations and was ready to receive. Father Sun taught me to share with you that as you know he is a huge Star and nothing is permanent about his existence and he is not alone as there are many other huge Stars in other galaxies and universes. He went on to share with me that even a day will come when He will burn out and die as all things do. There is a beginning and end to Father Sun. But it will be a great lesson and memory of the Light He shares with us now is the Light that burns inside of each and every living thing, people, beings, animals and plants. All receive this blessing of the Inner Fire of Strength, Inspiration and Light. It is in gratitude we will remember this Light but never burn out in our own minds, bodies and souls that we are just not the fleshly temple walking this Mother Earth but the Soul that we are the Light ignited from the spark of creation poured into our bodies to exist in peace.

That we are emphasized by strength but strength is not patriarchal dictation but giving the understanding that patriarchal is not to be divisive and overruled and controlled. Strength is the ability to maintain our existence with others in peace and harmony with acceptance and cohesive cooperation existing together not ruling another to make them less than us. We have lived in boxes from this unhealthy patriarchal system of division and have caged our minds. In the United States; we have made out limited cages of our own imprisonment of making laws or rules that inhibit others and creates an agreed general cage for each and everyone dictated to. It is done with religious institutions, schools (public), government and some affiliations. It has been passed down for many many years and we agree to the cages. We refuse to listen to new evolving evidence presented by archeologists, scientists and geneticists on how we have developed even way before the evidence we so truly have been told and followed and believed what we are told. Father Sun tells us: “To question everything. If there are no answers or you are reprimanded; it is from lack of knowledge or control. You can discern which it is for you and find the answers by sincere self research in our journey towards truth and evolution. If we stick to the stagnant past and refuse to listen to more information to question our own belief system; we will grow and evolve. But if we are using fear then the Indian from India Goddess Kali who helps you dance your fears away will be a good ally to overcome fear into progress and don’t feel comfortable with age-old information you have been told or said to believe because it is the way we have been told to believe for centuries. Be an advocate for yourself, know thyself, know the truth and you will be free. This is so true. So be the Truth Seeker by the lessons Father Sun has given you this Summer Solstice 2023. With humility and loving encouragement I implore you to evolve. Evolve in Truth and Light. Thank you for reading this and being open to the Messages of Light. Much love and gratitude and celebrate your evolving thus far and rejoice in the Light and Warmth in Gratitude to Father Sun. Happy Solstice Beloveds. Art is the Dryad Tree Spirit created by


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