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Summer Solstice Message from Sage Master Thoth - Egyptian WisdomKeeper 2024

As we sat in Stone Mountain by the waters edge; the gentle breeze caressed us and the water showed signs of life below in how the waves and shapes formed.

Thoth is an Atlantean and settled in Egypt (called Khem) with ancient knowledge of the Emerald Tablets of man’s existence for 50,000 years. He came to me from the books I have been guided to read and dwelled into the Halls of Amenti (Underworld where reincarnation or re-creation took part in birthing sarcophagus beneath the surface of the earth in a dimension where darkness but light prevailed in this domain.) and he had a message. The holographic existence in this earthly plane we exist in was beautiful and challenging pieces illusions that we created to experience the lesson of the archaic systems erred because the systems do not include All. 

He taught us that we are witnesses and creators of what is truth. The system of awakening is seeing if flawed and destructive is not the system for All. We must see the dire results in order to be moved in Unity as a unit of Oneness to recreate new systems for All that dismantled old systems in becoming all encompassing of inclusivity. 

I watched as pointed to recent global examples of war and destruction. He went on to say “See the’ Giant’ has become a bully and self serving and although other small places have resolved their own broken systems that they are making step-by-step by Thoth’s unjudged progress. These systems are not perfect but the "Giant” is like Goliath and David is a pivotal being and represents all others opposing this archaic system for few by the destruction the “Giant’ has imposed. You cannot unite from fear or harming each other as me from systems imposed that do not include All men. Men hurting mankind doesn’t allow the transformation of peaceful development of systems leading to embracing All as the unity must be realized and agreed mutually together for it to gain resolve and inclusive systems.

This is our test. A Game of Compassion and we must choose to unite and want systems for All and approach the Giant with a wish of inclusivity in peace and for All and that is providing basic needs so then we can flourish together in the Path of Light and Love and flourish and expand in the Light with Love. 

He/Thoth the Master of the Ancient Wisdom tells us that we will meet frustration with others who are not as expanded but lose the impatience and disappointment and replace with hope and patience and allow growth. We all do not look the same, age the same but we do value our lives and in so too we value the next living being of this Planet. This is the only way we can make it. If we become angry, negative and critical instead of helpful by allowing space and giving the best information and wisdom in kindness…we can thrive better and the ears of those who still need our voices to expand will then readily expand with us. There is no competition or triggers as empath to the negative energies we may emit when disillusioned with the challenging tests of compassion to be spread with our focus of love, patience and light with truth as One Planet will make us all whole and live in peace, loving light and thrive onwards into Pure Light.

 Prayers of Unified Transformation fromThoth and… yes we All are not of this planet but brought here to choose the Light with Love and Peaceful Resolve. Honor to pass this message on the Summer Solstice of Oneness, Light and Cooperation instead of Control with Love and Unity restructuring a Planet of Peace and Compassionate Resolve for All to thrive in peace and abundance and grow with our own divine light bigger and brighter than before together. This is the 3rd Chakras Power into play here as the Power Center is expansion of our Light and not overpowering and imposing or harming others but being in existence together in light and expanding ever more with wisdom and gratitude for the lessons Thoth has shared with us.

Thank you for being here, Namaste. Peace and Light Expansion be with All.


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