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Summer Solstice with Father Sun & Goddess Yemaya 6/18/22

Dear Beloveds;

What a beautiful evening and pleasure to serve again the Divine and the Divinity in each of you.

The Summer Solstice refers to the Sun or what we call Father Sun and the solar power and energy it emits and is the Masculine Divine. The Sun represents the power within you. We have been through much darkness, chaos, and drama; it is time to gain back our power to do this journey with Yemaza. She is the Yorubian/Ifa and West African/Nigerian Goddess of the Oceans. Oceans are life and without her; there is no life. The Ocean is her Domain.

We will be gaining balance from Father Sun and Yemaza of the Masculine and Feminine Divine. It is in all of us and we need to balance to know our power and softness. So relax and allow your spine to grow roots into Mother Earth. She is the Nurturer and provides everything you need on this planet. Ground yourself and be connected to Mother Earth and relax. Take a deep breath of white light into the top of your head into your nose and lungs and belly & release all tension and anxiety through your mouth. Take another breath of white light into your head and nose, your lung and belly and breathe out through your mouth what does not empower you. Continue this a few more times. Then breathe softly and gently and allow your muscles to relax and continue with every breath. We will be working with the solar plexus or 3rd chakra to start with which is your tummy area for power and strength. You will take this lesson from your sacred body to your earthly body to take action. Your Pure Light Helpers are here to guide, guard and protect both your earthly and sacred bodies.

As your earth body is relaxed, your sacred body travels to a space and time where the Universal Lesson of Surrender is taught by the Goddess Yemaza or Imanja. First you see yourself

strolling on the white sandy beach overlooking a turquoise clear ocean going slowly in and out very gently. You smell the salty air and you see Father Sun above you. You look down and see you are dressed in white the traditional clothing for the Summer Solstice Tradition of Surrender and Connection to your Pure Light Ancestors for support during this journey to surrender.

Have you felt alone? Have you felt that you must do everything on your own and you are the only one to do it? Do you feel your to-do list will never end? Do you feel weak to not ask for assistance? These are illusions…Remember the Goddess says, that you are not your ‘to do’ list but you being is all you need to be. You are unlimited creative beings of divinity. That is all you have to be and you can ask others to assist as a strength. In this journey we are to learn that we are here together to support and help each other and this is the way to peace, harmony and unity. We can heal ourselves and each other and this planet with this thought of peace. Peace opens the door to all good opportunities so please SURRENDER.

You see Father Sun above and no clouds cover the sky. It is a sunny clear day. You feel the power and warmth of the heat from Father Sun’s rays that bathe you and you feel a compassionate warmth from Father Sun. In the distance towards the center of the ocean; the water begins to swirl (Like a Fibonacci nautilus shell); it is Yemaza and Father Sun descends to her and She surfaces ascending. They embrace together like Lovers in the dance of balance between the Masculine - power and Feminine of softness. The water is a symbol of life and also emotions. You are here to experience the surrender of all you need to her and connect to yourself, your Ancestors for support and honor the Goddess. As you see them embrace; you feel the energy of balance between them in yourself. You feel the balance, the power and softness to do this journey. As Yemaza emerges crowned in shells and sparkling glitter holding a wand of a six pointed shell star and her skin is sunkissed and tan. She has aquamarine eyes that hold your gaze and show much passion and love and a whale tail. Yemaza is vast yet the Ocean Mother is a maternal empress. She beckons you off the sandy beach as you become hypnotized by the gentle ocean breeze and waves going in and out. You walk into the water to hips and you float closer to her. You are floating and lying face up. She tells you the illusion of doing is less important than your being and the false illusion of you doing everything and feeling alone and not seeing the opportunity to unite and be in harmony mostly with yourself and then with others by releasing toxic thoughts, emotions and energies from others.

You are floating and begin releasing the toxins and the waters. Yemaza reminds you to surrender the thought that you are alone, surrender your emotions and breathe through them, surrender the worries and thoughts that you are not supported and request your Ancestors for assistance. You think of what you need to surrender and allow the Goddess to take them. Then think about how you will be in harmony and truth for yourself. Proud of surrendering what doesn’t empower you and allow you to be in harmony with self and others. It is time for light, hope, & peace.

She gives you her traditional paper boats to do offerings and your intentions for the Summer Solstice in your power and you put your things, worries, anxiety, intentions to accomplish with your renewed strength and your offerings to the Ancestors and Goddess. It can be incense, food, flowers, words and intentions for her to take with her in the net she casts & gathers what you implore to Her and your Ancestors to grant your prayers or intentions of thorough and sincere. She gives you a gift from the ocean to give you power, emotional transformation and protection for this journey.

You give thanks to her and float towards the beach where you lay on the white sands reflecting upon the work you had done surrendering as the Universal Lesson of the Time with Goddess Yemaza. You float back into the room where your earthly body and both sacred are present. You begin to move your fingers and toes and start moving your body and awareness into the now. Thank you, Namaste and Peace to You.


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