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Sweat Lodge on More Growth in Chatsworth, GA 5/27/22

I went to my 2nd sweat lodge in Chatsworth, GA. Tom Bluewolf is the Elder who has done this for over 40 years. It was a spacious place with a ceremony and transformation of the community together. He mentioned that this work is hard and most people want the easy way out. Those willing to do the work are here. It is done by invitation only and a limited number of folks come to the lodge. The coordinator is Shane Ledbetter and his coordinator and contact. Usually, the sweat lodge is once a month on the last Saturday of the month.

I played the sound instruments before anything happened as the first fire keeper was starting to prepare the wood tower around the Grandfather stones. We arrived the night before to make it easy on my daughter’s back. We didn’t know who was coming and we then heard Tom with his helper Micki help get the fire wood as the stones were already there and it was dark by the time they got back as we arrived to stay in our cabin 45 minutes later than planned. Tom contacted us concerned because we were running late.

It was time for the Thunder Moon Sweat Lodge. It had occurred and a full moon was coming and still the energy was to be used to divine transformation. There were about 15 of us including Tom and some new and old regulars. It was nice to see familiar faces again so that me and my daughter could feel at home again.

The place is a sanctuary and with her back issues so I rent a small cabin, usually this time one where the women change after the sweat. It was nice to do the ceremony and create intentions before getting these. Tobacco is considered a high vibration plant in the Native American

Communities. It is used to sprinkle on the GrandFather Stones being heated by the fire. There were several fire keepers and one who took the large stones one at a time placed in special directions or positions each of the 4 rounds. This was the awakening round where we are in the ‘Asi’ - the Womb of Mother Earth to spiritually die, rebirth and renewal.

It was nice to see a few familiar faces. Last time there were so many who knew about the healing center we had and our daughter’s pen ink artist business. Wow! Amazing.

After we take the tobacco and sprinkle our intentions on the fire surrounding the Grandfather stones; it is sprinkled in the West. Then we did medicine necklaces with swatches of cloth with tobacco and worn during the sweat. You can pick any color of swatches in any order or some or one color and make an anklet, bracelet, head piece or necklace.

Then after the prayer ties or necklaces. It was then time for the Medicine Council. This is where we introduce ourselves and our intention or sharing with the community and each other. There is a feather, talking stick and rattle that is passed when we say who we are and what we want to say. It was my year of being Authentic. I then held the rattle and I said pointing to my head: “This (my mind) is bullshit. We tell ourselves bullshit that isn’t. We live our lives for people we love and make them happy but we are not living ourselves. If I want to serve; then I must be whole and love myself. I continued to say it is time for authenticity for me. I must love myself and live for me. I say when challenge is there; face it and say no (you mentally created this) and say no to the idea you created to suffer. Choose no more suffering. So be your best self forward and live for yourself.”

Others there said so many profound things as the Elder watched us and guided us for each type of ceremony of healing together. It was time to go into the ‘Asi’ - Sweat Lodge. Then we were saged by his loyal helpers and fire keepers. This is the act of Smudging using sage to and a wing or hand to wave around the body. Smudging removes and clears your energy field before stepping into the Womb of Mother Earth - Asi.

We ask the Elder or Lodge keeper for permission, as tradition, to enter the Asi. We had cold water passer in between round as we each had a cup with us to drink. People were very talkative while in the darkness in each round. We chanted with the Elder first and sang and drummed and rattled. This first round was the awakening stage. When 15 minutes passes; the flap which is leather is opened in the entry for cool air and people share or sing or ask for or do prayers. It was a very talkative group of healers and intellectuals so it took longer. I was by my daughter and both of us found afterwards praying we made it.

Then 2nd round for Ancestors and the Elder spoke of how we are born with a musical note and sound is the healer. We have a soul song we know before we are born. Then in the 3rd round each round of 7-8 rocks of the Grandfathers we welcome each stone and each round chant, drum or speak or sing and then the flap opens and we have cold water pitchers passed around. Of course we are dressed in cotton or leggings and no metal in the clothing or jewelry. Again, each round talkative folks asking for prayers, healing for themselves and strength, etc.

This 3rd round I was prompted by Spirit as I mentioned to the Elder in private if I channel a song or talk; is it okay because it is in another language. He said, "Yes." The Thunder in the Sky made itself honor the occasion. I then asked the Lodge keeper for permission to sing my soul song. I sang with eyes closed and others were crying and others rattled or clapped with rhythm.

He told me: “That was such a sweet song Sister.” I said, “Thank you.” I have never sang my soul language before but did channel White Buffalo recently at a sacred dance healing event.

Everyone did profound work and spoke of profound words. It was an amazing set of teachers, healer and sound healers, etc. I shall remember this and continue to move forward not feeling anymore repression for my soul language and words to share. No more will I be hushed or judged from the past because the past no longer services me.

After the 4th final round, everyone seemed to be done. When the sweat was completed; you take off your prayers ties you wear during sweat and place them in the fire. We then rinsed in cool water in the creek or a hose with sprayer the dirt and mud from the dirt floor and changed in our own cabins for men and one for women. It was an amazing and beautiful day. I told the Elder these same words and thanked him for everything as he has been doing this for over 40 years and on his journey overseas to Germany, Cambodia and Thailand for teachers of love and acceptance and sweat lodges. It will be a nice documentary for him.

He has a book out as well. My daughter and I were so grateful and spent the next morning having coffee and sharing our words and stories together. I shall remember this day for some time. Thank you Great Spirit. I love you and what gifts of transformation you inspire me to be my own Divinity along with ‘family.’ Thank you so much. I am humbled and honored and hope to be of service in light and love. Peace and hope you enjoyed my blog.


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