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Take Your Seat of Power

Seat of Power. We take a journey to the desert dune of ancient times in Egypt. We are walking a clear day. The Sky is blue without clouds and the sun beams strongly upon your is hot as the wind of sands brushes your eyes and are barefoot walking and the sand is hot underneath your see one sand dune to walk to the top of. Your mentor is there at this oasis of palm trees and plants with a pool of cooling fresh water. You refresh your parched throat, wash your face of the sand particles and soak your feet into the cool water. Your mentor has 2 camels waiting for you...One for you and one for your mentor kneeled and ready to ride. You are not afraid and the camels come up as they walk feels like a ride upon the ocean...Time has stood still and there are pyramids in which your mentor asks you to pick one and find the entrance into your own Pyramid of Power. You walk into the chambers downward in the have no fear as you reach the center of the pyramid there are torches lit and your see the ancient heiroglyphics and in the center is your Seat of Power...your throne. You are the Queen or King of this Seat of Power. You see carvings and markings of symbols of your Sacred Power and you take your will not be the first time.

You look to the top of your Pyramid of Power and there's an opening to the sky as Golden Compassionate and Self Empowering light surrounds all four sides and you are bathed in this Light of Power. You are not the labels or the person others see you know who you are and no one can devalue you. Take this in as it is not ego centered but assurance you are Divinity. Now it is time for you to take your Sacred body back and intertwine with your earthly body. You are grounded and peace be with you. Thank you and Namaste.


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